Vista game compatibility woes


Here is my apparently unique problem. I have been trying to run the game: Still Life on my computer for about a year. I have been doing all the weirdest methods of running the game for vista (installing a patch here, moving it there, so on and so forth). The most common answer that I have found was to:

  1. right click properties
  2. run in compatibility mode for Windows NT
  3. disable visual themes
  4. run as administrator

However, I have a weird problem that nobody seems to understand why. Once in compatibility mode, I try to run the game but nothing happens. The blue ring of loading appears, then disappears. Once I open task manager, I do not see the game running under applications. However, it is running under “processes” and using 50% or so of the CPU. It does not appear when I alt+tab neither.

Reason why I am running it under compatibility mode is because it is a universal fact that the game is not compatible for Windows Vista. When running the program without any compatibility modes, all I get is a black screen that eventually gives me “StillLife.exe has stopped working” mumbo jumbo…however when I went to the game company’s website there were a ton of people that got the game to work with the instructions above. I have even tried the random nonsense methods like copying the files from the CD onto the computer and installing it from there.

I am currently running Windows Vista 32-bit service pack 2. Even when I was running 32 bit SP1 I was getting the exact same problems. The only alternative I can think of now is to revert to XP or upgrade to windows 7 and pray that it doesn’t fail. However, I do not feel that it is worth it to change an OS and delete all of my programs (do not have an external hard drive to back it all up) just for the sake of one game. I have googled like mad and haven’t found anyone that has anything like this. Please help me SRK.


Does anyone know why something like this will occur? Even if it’s not a clear cut solution, the more I understand the better.