Vista woes. (Wireless Hotspot Problem.)

I have a laptop running Vista and I have found that my school’s wireless doesn’t work with it.

Apparently vista has all sorts of problems with certain routers, especially those that require a login page screen.

Basically I connect to the wireless but never get redirected to the login page. “Local only” is the only thing I can get with the connection.

I have been searching and have found these related topics which mirror my problem and have tried the fixes therein:
If anyone can think of anything else I could try I’d be all ears.

I wish I had gotten a laptop with XP instead. T_T

Funny, I get my college’s wireless login screen just fine with Vista Home Premium. Other login services I’ve tried (such as T-Mobile’s service in hotels and airports) have also worked pretty well for me.

They say it’s certain routers in particular. Ones that use DCHP or something, I can’t say I’m all that well versed in networks.

I’m currently on my personal wireless fine.