Visting in SoCal


So where should I go if I wanna play some MVC2 players in SoCal? I’m gonna be stayin in L.A. for the weekend. Not sure exactly where but hopefully I get to play SOMEBODY since it’s been ages. ;l


go to prodigies arena where they have the easiest players to beast on.


I’m looking for a challenge though. It’s no fun if I’m just pwning. =(

You understand, ja?


Oh well… beats playing the CPU. ;o


do you play morrigan? if so Prodigy’s Arena might be some good comp


Yeah. I have a pretty mean Morrigan.

Probably the same as Justin K, Justin Wongs or maybe better. :open_mouth:

I’ll go check out Prodigy’s Arena if that’s the case. :slight_smile:


really? that’s rare out there…well i happen to be in LA for a bit would like some info if your still here gots me a morrigan that rapes most in norcal so you still in town wouldn’t mind a good low-tier match


so i’m by south gate and the only machine nearby is in stone wood mall and i found some guys playin like kids so is there anywhere i can fight some good socal playa’s


uhhh regency?


im located like 10 mins away from stonewood mall

but back to OP

FFA and James games are your best bets for best comp in socal

regency on good days


thanks do you-no when you guys get there time wise, but i’m guessing that you guys show up during the weekend


check the threads fool

ppl post up whe they are goin




clearly team torrance has the best talent in mvc2 and sfIV hit them up they meet up all the time, I don’t guarantee you’ll win even once sorry.


thanks i’ll do that, they that good? hope you are gettin tired of fightin rookies, i actually hear shit from time to time and the word is that socal has some hella good players can’t wait thanks again