Visual Guide to Parrying Super Arts

ps3 version offline seems perfect to me, it’s been a while but going off muscle memory everything seems fine. sound glitches a lot though.

It’s been tested by numerous sources that there’s an inherent 4 frames of input delay. Perhaps the arcades also have 4 frames of delay but that wasn’t the point I was trying to make. The point is the input delay makes it nigh impossible to parry Chun’s SA2 point blank on reaction. Furthermore, in online play if you had ggpo delay set to anything other than 0 it will go from nigh impossible to definitely impossible since your input delay will be greater or equal to 5 frames.

Like any other thing in the game. It’s not like this situation has magically more input lag than any other.

Parrying Ken SA3 after the flash is hard, not Chun SA2.
Why would you think red parry, ie. push forward during a window of 2 or 3 frames, is actually easier and more practical than simply parry after the superfreeze during the 3 frames startup?

So red parry is strictly impossible online?

no rewatch the match, he inches forward right before the super flash

Shit yo. Watching the video again, you can see him preempting the super repeatedly. Mad predictive parry attempts, lol.

What about all these guys here lol


It’s hard to judge from that video above since a lot of the players kept redparrying on the 2nd-3rd hit or so, or redparried the 2nd set.

Well, what I meant is this: after super flash we have 4 frames to input a parry before Chun to start her SA2. Except since there’s a 4 frame input delay we really only get 1 frame to input it…the very first one. Input it in any other later frames results in getting kicked in the face. Red parry is easier because we get a larger window (2 to 3 frames) and also we have a longer time to think before we have to commit.

I never said that. I said straight parry Chun’s SA2 on reaction is impossible online because now we have at least 5 frames of input lag. Even if we do input forward on the very first frame after superflash, the game doesn’t register the forward until 5 or more frames later. By then she is already kicking the crap out of us.

But all these is assuming inputs made during the super flash are discarded, which I’m not too sure about myself lol.

EDIT: Just tested it. Mashing lp during Ibuki’s SA1 super flash results in…nothing. So indeed no inputs can be made during super flash.

Okay this is a very noobish question, but here goes. Say you parry a low foward from Ken/Chun/etc if they’ve buffered the motion for the super or a special, can they perform it in reaction to the parry? And conversely, the dude who’s parrying can react to the new move or does he have to input forward right after the low parry and before the super freeze?

It’s possible, but there are very few people who are able to Super or Shoryu after seeing a parry without it being a total complete guess. Deshiken’s probably the only person I’ve seen able to do it consistently.

Generally he has to input low forward before the freeze, but it really depends on which low forward you’re talking about. There have been many occasions where in Chun mirror matches, one lowforward gets parried and the the opponent sticks out his own lowforward to counter. The Super freeze comes out but that opponent’s normal is in its startup frames. When the Super freeze is finished, that Houyokusen will end up getting beat by the opponent’s lowforward.

That doesn’t make sense.
Why is your window against SA2 shortened to 1 frame cause of your ‘input lag’ but not red parry?

Anyway, your comprehension about what you call ‘input lag’ is wrong. Those 4 frames are not input lag in the sense “button pushed, game will read it 4 frames later and then display something on screen” but “button pushed, resulting action will be displayed 4 frames later” which is absolutely not the same thing.

I already parried SA2 on reaction at point blank, offline and online (on pc ggpo/supercade though, but it was worse than oe, so…), and i’m sure i’m not alone. There are things way harder in the game.

Inputs during superfreeze are indeed discarded, except for the first 4 frames.

what about em? theres only 1 actual example in the whole bunch where the situation isn’t pre-empted by parrying a normal/special move first, or begins with a red parry, or the player is reset into the super after it has already begun, which doesn’t really require any amazing reaction time. the hayao one is the only exception, but thats awfully close quarters to parry on reaction

Any super with 2+ startup frames (startup counted the 3s way not the 4 way) can be parried after the flash, but of course the timing for the fast ones is quite severe.
Anyways I’d suggest to also learn to red parry the second hit of the common supers at least, as it actually doesn’t involve neither guessing a pre-flash parry nor difficult post-flash timings. This way you’re safe from chip-to death attempt that won’t kill you on the first hit

Hmm, in that case I concede. My understanding of the input lag is it’s a first in first out buffer system. I guess it’s more complicated than that. Once I figure out how to slow the game down on an emulator I’ll do more tests on the matter.

You can advance frame by frame on fba emulator, with F1 or F4.

Read BlaQ’s response in regards to what I call the “preempt parry”.

As an experienced 3s player I’ll explain this as best as I can. If I’m wrong on any of these, people can correct me.
But I’m pretty sure this is how things are:

Iirc 3S works in this manner:

Parry Mechanics

  • When a Parry is inputted: (Forward/Down) the game registers your input as a parry in that direction for/after 5 frames.
  • If an attack that is parriable high/low collides with you during that parry input time, you will parry it.
  • If you miss the timing input for the forward/high, the game will not register another parry in that direction for 13(?) or so frames(the actual frame count might be wrong so don’t quote me.) The purpose of this is so that you can’t mash forward/down and get parries for free all the time.

Super Mechanics:

  • When a super is inputted, you see the super flash on the screen. This is purely for dramatic effect.
  • When the super is flashing, the opponent cant input SHIT. Super flash animations have quite a bit of onscreen time, it’d be unfair if the opponent you could input stuff.
  • After the flash of the super, the super executes in its normal startup time. For example Hugo’s Gigas Breaker has a 1 frame startup. So after the flash you have 1 frame to input something. Alternatively, Chun li’s super is 3(?) frame startup, so you have 3 frames there. Etc.

Regular Game Mechanics In Relation To Dealing with Supers

  • Parries hold the parry input for 5 frames, so you have to press the parry input BEFORE the super flashes for most supers,since most supers have very quick startups and you can’t input during the flash itself.
  • I think one of the few supers you can parry after the flash are slow supers like Yang’s Raishin Mahaken(SA1), Oro’s SA1 (Yagyou Dama) and a few others.
  • Some supers can be punished if you’re close enough (Oro SA1) or be jumped away from (Oro EX Grab super) after they’ve already come out. Be sure to do testing and find out!
  • So for the most part in relation to supers, you need to predict the super, not react to it already coming out.

Extra data:

  • I believe jumps start-up in 3 or 4 frames. So if you hold up-back after a Gigas is out, you’re gonna get grabbed because Gigas is 1 frame startup. This is why you can’t jump away from it after it comes out.
  • When you wakeup off the ground, there are about 5 frames you can’t be grabbed, and all regular throws are 2 frames startup(this also could be wrong). This is why you can’t Gigas someone the moment they get up (this would be broken as hell) and also the reason you can jump away on wakeup and not get thrown. This leaves you susceptible to other things however so be careful.

Hope this helps!

Yeah you can parry again immediately afterwards and you would have to preemptively parry it for the same reasons I stated above. Since Chun SA2 is 3 frame startup, you have to press down and then forward before the flash.

I think some of you are over complicating things. It’s already been established in this thread that Chun sa2 can always be parried post flash, so logically, you can still parry it post flash in your situation.

Assuming you parry their low forward and they immediately do sa2, you can:

press any normal with 5 frame startup or less
walk forward
stay at neutral

if you jump i believe the jump startup will get you hit.

You don’t need to predict it, the super freeze in this instance gives you time to react and act accordingly.