Visual Guide to Parrying Super Arts

Simpleton guide about (blue** not red**) parry and testbed has been taken down.

I believe some supers “need” to be parried before the flash is initiated.

Yeah, both SAs in the captions need to be parried before the freeze (can’t do it on reaction). If you haven’t parried before the freeze and you’re not blocking after frame D, you’re going to get hit. Second hit parry timing is after the freeze, but right after the first hit for both SAs. The timing is a little awkward at first because the freeze is pretty long but if you use parry training mode you should figure it out easily. It’s kinda hard to put into words but the difficult part is landing the first parry, the rest is just memorization.

To nitpick a little, there are 4 frames right after the start of the superfreeze where you can input something and so, be able to actually parry any super and even avoid any throw super.

This is true, but you agree it isn’t possible to react to them right?

You cannot react to 4 frames, unless you are really looking for it, even then its 4/60th of a second!

Otherwise Hugo would never catch people with Gigas

Yeah that was kinda rethorical and I’m actually pretty sure he knows you can’t react to it hehe. He has good knowledge of the game obviously. But thanks for confirming. That was just to clear any potential confusion for the OP (if I were new to the game and read his post I would probably be confused about the parry timing even though what he posted is 100% correct).

Absolutely, that was just for the record, my bad if it doesn’t sound this way! (and it doesn’t indeed lol)

Is it cool to bring parry related questions here?

How do I parry Chun-lis super? I’ve spent quite a while in training and I’m still not sure about the moment I have to press it…I’ve tried before flash, imediately after, when she reaches me, all to no avail. I got the first parry maybe 2-3 times but got hit afterwards ofc.

Is it possible to parry crossups? And which way should I parry Urien’s unblockable setups, torwards Urien or Towards the Aegis (or simply down, for that matter)?

What prevents people from “mashing” parries, tapping forward like crazy? Is there some sort of “recovery” or period where it doesn’t register the parry?

Unless I am understanding you wrong, you should be starting before/at “A” for both of them.

The super is going to happen after an attack though (super is comboed into), so you’ve probably already parried a move right before this animation happens and you’ll “feel” the timing when you see the flash.

You can’t parry the super if it’s part of a combo that’s already hit you.

9 times out of 10 you should just block and punish. I know that’s not what the thread is about though.

edit: ^^^chun’s is before the flash

Daigo’s reaction time was that fast?

Damn. lol

Well, that and he was kinda prepared for it by Justin backing off and crouching over and over again.

Also, I can only parry it RIGHT at the flash (within those four frames). If I try to parry before the the flash, I get nailed. If I don’t make it into those 4frames, I get nailed. I have to seriously be expecting it or I have no hope. D:

I can see how if you’re new it’s confusing. For example, Chun’s would be before the flash, but if someone threw out a full screen Yang sa2 the parry would be on contact (not before the flash).

I haven’t really done any of the training tutorials, so I am not sure if it has the option to parry train against everyone’s moves or how in depth it is, but if you can, you should start there.

Yeah about EVO moment 37, I eventually figured out that Justin was hiding his super input with standing lp so Chun wouldn’t crouch (sneaky!) but Daigo read it anyway and timed his forward tap right before the super flash came out, hence completing a page in fighting game history. Seriously intense stuff.

Do you know how to block crossups? If so, then just tap the other way. lol

Basically, if the opponent crosses you up and you’re facing the left, you would be holding left. Tap right to parry the crossup.

Urien’s unblockables are trickier because it’s solely up to the Urien player’s timing. The standard way to escape the f.MK unblockable setup is parry down, then towards Urien. He could just hit you low instead though, or throw you off by timing his low hit late. It’s a guessing game in his favor, basically.

The corner unblockable is luckily easier to get out of. When Urien does the kneedrop, you parry towards the wall in order to parry the kneedrop(and I believe the Aegis simultaneously). Some characters can completely escape the corner this way(Shotos, Urien) while some characters are just too fat so you have to block the rest of the Aegis(Chun, Alex).

No, you can parry after.

I’m pretty sure it’s distance dependent. If you’re point blank you have to parry it before, but if she’s got to travel some distance you can do it after.

I’ve done it point blank, it’s possible just pretty hard to do consistently

from my experience it’s always possible to parry/red parry chun’s super post flash. Chun’s super is 4 frame start up, so theoretically you can parry any super with as much startup post flash.

Well 3SO has 4 frames input lag which means your forward tap pretty much has to be right on the dot to do it on reaction. Red parry is totally possible & practical though.