Visual Novels


I just realized that I’m a whore for visual novel games even though I’ve only rarely ever played them for years. I always seem to get more into the romance style type though.

Right now I’m playing Yume Miru Kusuri.

[media=youtube]EuhCQekW0So&feature=related[/media] <— Youtube link for those even slightly interested.

Can anyone recommend any others? I really really wanted to play Gift: Eternal Rainbow but there is no pc translation that I can find and the one on Iphone is god awful and has the adult scenes removed.

What I really would like to do though is find any horror style visual novels.

Anyone make some recommendations?


Don’t we have a thread for VN already? :confused:

Anyway I just started playing Tsukihime and Fate/stay night to see what I’ve been missing out. Problem is my busy college life is preventing me from making time for them. :sad:


If we do have a VN thread dedicated to them I could not find it unfortunately.

Although I’m not TOO familiar with Tsukihime, I just googled some photos of that and isn’t that from a fighting game as well? Maybe I have it confused with something else.


Tsukihime does in fact have a fighting game and it’s called Melty Blood.


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Stop being a pedo get Hotel Dusk and Phoenix Wright series


Well, I’m not specifically talking about only adult visual novels. If there were any others that were interesting I would. But the only ones I’ve ever come across were ones with adult scenes hahaha. Would Phoenix Wright be considered something like that? I’ve seen a buddy of mine that is really into the series play it but it didn’t seem to have the same flow a visual novel would.


Even though it does have adult scenes (they’re not ENTIRELY pointless either, but you find that out way later), Saya no Uta may be what you’re looking for. It’s a horror VN, and it has a lot of “Lovecraftian” themes to it. I loved it, and there are a lot of disturbing scenes in there in terms of horror. Should be right up your alley.

You could try checking out Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Umineko no Naku Koro ni. The art is shit, but the stories are pretty good. I’ve only watched the animes of their respective sources, but you may want to give them a read. The only downside is that the art is absolutely atrocious and looks like it was drawn by a five year old, and the pacing is really, really slow in the beginning. Still, the story and horror elements is probably something you would like.


sprt jewce do a summary of fate stay night including “those” scenes


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