Vita UMVC3 superior to console version?

I know most people have heard about the replay system and hitbox feature and probably more coming up that’ll only be available in the Vita version. What do people think about this?

Personally I think Capcom is taking us for a ride. I mean the Vanilla Marvel 3 mess, the gem system, and now this? Capcom is taking us for a ride and they have no incentive to change because we keep buying their games and giving them money. High sales = more reason to do what they’re doing, which is produce lackluster but fun casual friendly games. It’s going to get more and more casual friendly from here on out… unless of course we put our foots down. What will we?

But that’s my opinion, what do you guys think?

shrug I buy the games because I like them. This is annoying, but I’ll still buy fun games.

I was a defender of UMvC3 being a stand alone disc release, but frankly with the features the Vita version is getting in comparison to the console version…

Yeah, Capcom is really taking a shit on us this time. While I’ve always thought of replay functions as novel, hitbox data is something any serious player would kill to have access to. I can’t even defend this as a devil’s advocate. This is just a cleveland steamer right on us.

That’s fine, I’m just saying that if we keep doing what we’re doing, essentially nothing will change. Fighting games Capcom produces will get more casual friendly (which isn’t bad by any means, but I think there are some cases where Capcom is taking/took it too far). And it also won’t be the last time we see incomplete games like Vanilla Marvel 3 for example.

Because this is pretty much what we’re supporting and communicating to them by supporting the direction that they’ve taken.

I’m not putting my foot down with Capcom. Too much work. Plus this isn’t better unless I can hook me TE up to it. Actually it’s still not better then.

Anyone who’s still playing Capcom games with the intention that they’re going back to the old ways is crazy. You have to like what they give you and I feel at least UMVC3 has enough of the old school elements that I liked from past games that I have fun playing it and looking to up my game in it.

If you want a game that is less about giving casual players instantly powerful techniques…you’re gonna have to start playing Mike Z’s game or KOF13 or something else in general.

you missed my point entirely. I’m not “playing Capcom games with the intention that they’re going back to the old ways.” I’m given up on that since SF4 and actually didn’t mind it. (SF4, SSF4, AE, 2012 = great games) But there are cases is where Capcom has taken it TOO FAR. I mean that’s what the whole gem system debate is essentially about. I have nothing against casual friendly games, but there has to be a line where we shouldn’t cross in terms of “how casual.” Honestly a good example of this is X-Factor, many people consider this the problem to the “randomness” of Marvel 3. It’s strong, really strong, especially in lvl 2 or 3 and is still a force to reckon with despite being nerfed in Umvc3. I’m fine with comeback mechanics, but this was a tad too powerful. I can honestly say I’ve achieved some victories because of this mechanic that weren’t quite deserved.

And seriously, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that the Vita version is superior to the console. It just mind fucks me. I don’t know how to make sense of it. Well actually I can, Capcom just wants people to buy YET another umvc3. But when does it end?

Well I’m just trying to figure out what you would want them to do with UMVC3 that would be ideal to you. The point is whatever it is…Capcom is not going to do it just by people making noise. Just like how they aren’t budging to put Mega Man in because of people making noise.

They might be already putting in a patch for hit boxes as free DLC and they might just not do it at all. No reason to put yourself through the stress of wanting to get a bunch of stuff out of Capcom that you may or may not get. It’s just the way they do things now.

As far as sales are concerned the Vita version according to Capcom officials and marketing would HAVE to be better. Capcom is not silly enough to make the Vita version with less or the same amount of features. Capcom is a business.

Vita version is slower, apparently.

No replays are really a damn shame, but they don’t make or break this game. And as defeatist as this may seem, I don’t think anything short of an armed assault will stop Capcom from pulling off shit like this.

There are worse things going on in the world. I’m relatively fine with handing in my cash like a good little boy.

Yeah I don’t see how it can be better if it’s slower. If it’s not gameplay wise better it’s not better for what I prefer for my fighting games. I just want good gameplay…the rest of the stuff is for the kids to me. We all know the hit boxes are absurd big in this game any ways.

People need to realize that capcom is a mainstream business, and their primary objective is to fulfill their role as a business.

Even if it “unconfirmed” to be slower, it is still a more complete version. I don’t know how complete, we might have another umvc3 in the works but you know what I mean. And yes there are worst things going on the world but that’s totally irrelevant to this topic. We’re talking about games, not the economy, or what’s happening to kids in Africa. DevilJin, the understanding of hit boxes is just kid’s stuff? You might want to refute that statement. That’s never been an important thing to know for casual gamers, but amongst competitive gamers who really take their characters and games seriously it is. I just don’t like how they purposely withheld from some features for the console version just so they could put it in the Vita so it could sell better.

And we are the customers and customers are always right. Even if that particular phrase doesn’t apply to Capcom, they should atleast stop trying to fuck us over.

Justin Wong has been able to win major tournaments without seeing the visual hitboxes of his character’s or his opponent’s character’s moves. It helps for specific situations but ultimate to win you gotta be the best on Sunday as usual. Having that raw talent when it’s go time is still better than visual hit boxes.

The phrase applies to very few companies. Call it what you want, but capcom is strategically convincing the general populous to invest more money in their products. It’s similar to activision and their methods as well as various other companies.

Capcom trying to sell the shit out of that Vita.

If their roll as a business is solely to make money as opposed to providing high quality products and keeping promises to their customers, then I’m a sucker to be in. At the end of the day capcom take the piss out of their customers in the name of making money, sure that’s the aim of the game, but it’s a shady game. Eventually their business practices will come back and bite them on the ass when people are sick of buying sub par products multiple times.

Well that’s what I’ve been predicting for the last 50 call of duties, but they are still making fuckwads of cash, so I wouldn’t say that.

It’s not necessary but you can’t say the knowledge is useless neither. Imagine how good he’d be if he knew hit boxes for everything. Not everyone uses it even if it is provided, but there are some people who really take shit seriously. I know Momochi loves looking at frame data and hitboxes.

"Capcom is not going to do it just by people making noise. Just like how they aren’t budging to put Mega Man in because of people making noise."
Making noise you can also do but that’s definitely too much work. You’re overthinking it, here’s ways you don’t even have to lift a finger. Ways that don’t require work at all, just adjustments.

For example, IF SFXT turns out to be a huge failure competitively. 1. We don’t use it in tournaments
2. We don’t buy it. (2 is maybe too drastic for the community but definitely 1) Even if the competitive community only comprises of 1% of their entire market base at least we’ve given them a statement. But if it does turn out to be opposite of what we’re imagining then obviously we support it. Simple as that.

I’m just gonna play Skullgirls. LOL.

My point was not to bring up the other news of the day. My point was that while what Capcom is doing is bullshit, it’s not that big of a deal to make a ruckus out of, plus there’s no realistic way to get Capcom to cut it out, anyway.

Wanna boycott their products? Won’t do shit, people will keep on buying them. Send a letter? Ignored. What are you going to do? Would your efforts be worth it?

You just left out my best possible suggestion.