Vita Version


thoughts about the new version, which we already knew about months ago but whatever


please stop with the dumb threads…use General Discussion.


Big fat money making scam.


I got a thread idea using this guys logic. Its only one sentence staying true to tradition, but it could be the equivalent of an “On blast” thread. Here goes.

helhelhelhelo makes incredibly retarded threads, thoughts?


I’ll get it. I have the PS3 version and having Vita version puts the DLC stuff for PS3 at no additional cost. Best version to own, but too bad it’s not the best version to play online.


i don’t have a vita and will not buy the game. Thought I’d stop by and let everyone know that.


Do I remember this incorrectly?:
Did Capcom not say that they plan to announce big news regarding SFxT at E3?


Just use the stickied GD thread.