Vitality Points vs. Defense, which do you think is the better system?

In implementing character differences, usually it’s either character x has more life than character y, or character x receives less damage than character y.

In your opinion, which of the two systems do you prefer?

Variable life usually makes it easier to track combo damage per character.

As far as actual game play, doesn’t matter imo.

They’re both different ways to say the same thing: So-and-so character can take such-and-such amount of hits.

Has there been a fighting game that actually implements both defense and life point difference?

Well, there’s Yu-Gi-Oh!, but that’s different.

Dissidia, kind of, if you consider Bravery defense/attack points and HP life points.

vitality =/= defense in fighting games.

GGXX series does and IIRC Cvs2 had defense modifers depending on how much life you had.I think SFIV has the defense modifers too but unlike GG it doesn’t have unique defense for each character.

I like the hit point system but I wish SF4 and other games would pull a Battle Fantasia and show use the health values on-screen in real time.

Dr. B’s health value would remain unknown, not because it’s unknown so much as it just isn’t measurable by lowly human instruments.

I prefer the defence system, as it keeps chip damage consistent.

Chip is almost always going to do some certain amount of damage and it will consistently be some certain percentage of your health. It’s not going to be 1.5% to one character and .9% to another, like it is in dat street fighter four.

GGXX doesn’t have both. It uses defense modifiers. Everyone in GGXX has the same health, but different defense (and guts).

Dat Potemkin x 0.87 damage modifier B :rofl:

Vitality points make stuff easier to follow or predict as already pointed out, and less room for error when rounding up values.

i don’t see how they’re both different…

say you have 100 health, and a fireball does 50 damage. you give it some more defense, so now fireball does 25 damage. 4 hits to kill.

now, give the guy 200 health, still takes 4 hits to kill since they each do 50 damage.

ah my mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

i do remember the fact defenses were present though.I guess there isn’t a fighting game that comes to mind that has both.

To answer OP’s question though i prefer varying defenses as opposed to varying vitality. It doesn’t make too much of a difference either way at the end though

SF4 does this. Vega takes 125% damage when he gets his mask off, although his vitality is still technically the same.

I prefer vitality over defense since you can always count on combo’s to do the exact same damage.

Vitality is definately better. It comes to the same thing in the end and all combos in the game are uniform. So therefore you only have to say: “This combo does 2505 damage” rather than “This combo does 2505 damage on Stock Market, 3993 damage on Dr. Mule and 1010 damage on Slardibartfast…” (etc etc)

As for chip damage, I thought most games apply chip damage as being a certain % of the amount that would have normally been dealt. So it shouldn’t make a difference with HP either.

I usually thought defense would have a bit more trouble when it is based on percentage reduction.

i really dont care, since in the end they work the same, yet if i have to choose, i would say defense modifier like GG and HNK