Vitality Presents: Royale Rumble 4 ft PASBR + UMVC3 Underdogs - 03/23/2013



Hosted by:

Stream Link:

When: Saturday, March 23rd, 2013
Where: 702a Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The top 3 in every event will get raffle tickets on top of their prize money!

The raffle contains the following prizes

1 Killzone Collection video game for the PS3
1 PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale video game for the PS Vita
1 Sports Champions 2 video game for the PS3
4 Killzone Statues
2 Uncharted note books
2 Nathan Drake wristbands


$2 - 1 Ticket
$5 - 3 Tickets
$10 - 8 Tickets

The raffle will take place at approximately 8pm.

This bring the total to 11 prizes. Anyone is eligible to purchase a raffle ticket, and have a chance at these prizes!

Venue fee:


12 pm - 9 pm

12:00 pm: Doors open
12:00 pm: PASBR Registration Begins
12:45 pm: PASBR Registration Closes
1:00 pm: PASBR Doubles Begins
3:00 pm: PASBR Singles Begins
3:00 pm: UMVC3 Registration Begins
3:45 pm: UMVC3 Registration Closes
4:00 pm: UMVC3 Underdog Begins

scheduled times are approximate

Rules + Games:


Please visit the following link for more info:

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Underdogs (XBOX360)

This tournament is meant to give a chance to those whom are less skilled by preventing the top players from entering. Only those given approval by the judges will be allowed to play in this tournament.

Entry fee: $10

Pay out:

1st - 70% + 8 Raffle Tickets
2nd - 20% + 3 Raffle Tickets
3rd - 10% + 1 Raffle Ticket

All matches are best 3/5 Sets
Timer: 99 second default

Losers are able to change characters

Judges for the uMvC3 Underdog tournament: Disgruntled Goa, RDK, Chokehold

UMvC3 Underdog attendance list:

Judges confirmed

Judges have yet to confirm

Vitality Presents: Royale Rumble 4 Results (ft PASBR & UMVC3 Underdogs)

Just a suggestion since this is on the same day as the pub event, change the date or somehow work it out with stephen to have the underdogs tourney at the pub. Just my opinion though


Good luck with this