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Virtua Fighter 4:Evolution Q&A

I got bored so I want t start a Virtua Fighter 4:evo thtread because i have some questions…and i am sure someone you out there do too so i wanted to start this thread

A “dunce” item does anyone outher know what it means and how to get rid of it once you have gotten one? and has anyone else gotten any of these this is a general WTS!?

A character gets a dunce item in quest mode if they get hit or thrown too much. The criteria upon receiving a dunce item is different for each person. There are 2 dunce items per character. To remove a dunce item, one has to win a match by doing something specific to remove it. Ex. If you were thrown a lot in one match and received a dunce item. You have to win a match doing lots of throws. Once the dunce item is removed, you get to keep it in your inventory and equip it as you like.

You can get the universal cursed King Tut mask if you lose in straight excellents(perfects). To remove it, you have to win a match with an excellent. You dont get to kkep the mask though.

For more details, check out this page. It lists the items for every character and how to get it, even the dunce items and how to remove them.

I almost started one myself, VF4 thread I mean…

Anyways, are there any specifc strats for any characters you peeps have? I’ve played the practices mode through on basic, now in on the medium part or whatever the fuck it’s called.

Also, does anybody think that VF really has a tier? To be honest, everybody in the game seems balanced, which is odd becuase I play a lot of tekken so I’m used to Jin tech or whatever.

Also, are there any sites for VF? I’ve done serches on google and whatnot and come up with reviews but zero strats. Of course there’s GameFAQs, but I only use them for MvC2 (don’t be mad, I’m pretty sucky at that game.)

On a sidenote, for some odd reason, when I did a search for “Vitura Fighter 4: Evolution” on google, I clicked I’m feeling lucky, and I got a german fetish porn site. Long shafts of shit should NOT be inserted into femals front parts. But that’s just me

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Who does everyone play in VF4?

I play Pai, and some Lion, although my Lion is slowly getting better now that I’m throwing 8P+K into the start of combos.

Lei is the shit dude. I love fucking switching up stances and shit. Also, any character with surfer hair fucking rocks, hands down.

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kage=ninja power

Lei? Wasn’t he in Tekken?

Or am I on crack again… :rolleyes:

Lei-Fei - the ever stance-switching Shaolin guy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh, for some reason I kept thinking of him as just Fei.

<-- On crack :smiley:

Ya know what kicks total ass about this game? From what I’ve played, theirs zero tier. Period. Unlike in Tekken 4, you can win with anybody. That’s some awsome shit.

But yeah, has anybody found a VF site? I’m really looking for vids of combos.

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VF website

You didnt search hard enough. Just type" virtua fighter" in google and you’d get this for the first link.

It will have EVERYTHING you need to know. I’ll warn you now though, don’t log in at first asking simple questions. The regular posters there hate it and you’ll get flamed till no tomorrow. If there’s something you want to find out, use the search feature on the forums first, I’m sure it was covered before.

Have fun.

Awsome, awsome, awsome. Thanks a bunch dude.

So I’ve been playing a lot through the arcade mode. I’m at the fourth arcade, I did the tutorial, and beat that quest where you hvae to evade 5 times with an throw evade while doing three “anti-throws” or whatever. Lei Fei looks bad fucking ass with the sword and shield. The only thing I hate about this game is how you can have a bad fucking ass character, but you cannot take him/her to your local RL arcade. Fucking ass, I wanna rock the cazba with my sword/shield Lei Fei.

Oh well.

Anyways, is there anybody you guys DON’T play with becuase you hate them so much? I have problems with Lion, no guy should wear hot pink. Except Camron.

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thanks for that link to the character items. i play as wolf, goh, shun di, and aoi. while there may not be tiers i think the throw characters have it a little tougher. i mean you really need to work to set up a throw. course i havent any seen high level comp so i could be entirely wrong. i only have one friend who plays and he just plays as pai and vanessa and button mashes. i still got him 60 to 19 but i got to work for it. however i think if you go through all the training and quest stuff you should up being decent at the game. i love the game but its gonna take awhile for me to “get” it. i hated the first 3 but evo is pretty sweet. i remember there were these two guys at this local anime/game meeting i always went to and they had these sweet wolf/jeffrey fights which is what got me interest in the games to begin with.

At there’s a thread of match vids by character. Hella lot of good stuff, most are hosted at one site in japanese that you have to sign up for, but once you’re a member there’s easily a couple gigs of match vids or more. It took 3 posts for him to list all the Akira vids…

I play Shun and Akira. Glad to see some interest in this game. Anyone interested in the history of the vf scene should get the VF 10th Anniversary collection. It has a documentary featuring the ever changing vf scene for the last 10 years. Oh yeah me, the NYC squad and some other rando’s are in the credits of the dvd:)

Where can I order that at?

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so what makes this game good?

I think the tiers for this game are awfully close but I’m pretty sure that Shun, Jeffry, and Brad are at the bottom of it.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m told I’m seen briefly on it.:smiley:

How you doing man? I was hoping to see ya again for the I <3 VF 2 tourney. Hereru and Burun Burun are amazing.

I play Goh, but I’m still very terrible at the game.

(Can barely do some combos, and can’t crouch buffer for my life).