Vitua Fighter 4:Evolution

Crouch buffering is 1000000 times easier if you buffer by doing a crouch dash (doube tap df, basically).

I mostly play Aoi on VF4 Evolution yet I’m still learning the depth of the game. I believe its extremely hard to tell character tiers in VF4 Evl since not many US players play the game. is a very good site to go to find character match vids. Also I think watching the japanese player vids that did play either in Japan or in the Evolution 2003 tournament will give ya guys an idea on how VF4 Evl is being played on various levels.

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VF4 is a very balanced game. Learning curve is very high. Really wish it had more the scene like marvel/cvs2.

Too bad it’s a specific combo.

46P -> P -> K -> [2]6P IIRC, you can’t do a low dash, as once the K initiates, you have to immediatly hold 2, and the time frame to actually get the rest of the move off before your opponent lands is really small.

It might only work on lighter characters though, which could be my problem (I think I was doing it on Akira?)

Shag: yeah financial reason held me from going to i luv vf 2 in nyc. sorry to have missed it.

Yeah, the tiers are very close. But I think its safe to say that Akira, Aoi, and Lie Fei on paper are significantly better than most of the other cast. Probably followed very close by jacky, sarah etc…

Talking to the tetsujins, they had a very interesting tier list. Way different than the Western conception.

I wont give it away fully but they believe all of the female characters are better than the male characters. :eek:

Sorry to inform you, but VF4/VF4evo has no tiers. I think it works out better that any character can be played to the fullest potential, rather than seeing the same old chars in competition A la Tekken.

Brad is bottom, probably. Shun can be good, but he depends much more on the player, than the character. Jeffry really depends on who you ask. Some Japanese players rank him as top, some bottom. He’s just got PURE damage potential. MC 6K, P, 46P+K, 8P = ownage. He’s a beast, if you’ve got good Yomi and defense. His biggest problem is that TE’ing him is a no brainer (3 and 6 normally, 3 and 1 near a wall). Still, one mistake = half a life bar against him.

No, you don’t have to hold [2]. Instead of holding it, you buffer 33, and crouch dash. This instantly puts you in a crouch state. During the execution of the K, hit 33, then once the K finishes, tack on the 6P right away, you should get [2]6P, if you buffered it right. Trust me, this is how these combo’s work.

I.E. Akira’s Yoho, P, m-shrm, m-dblpm. Notation is 33P -> P -> [2]6P+K -> [2]46P. Actual execution is: 33P -> P~G -> 336P+K -> 3346P. That’s how the buffering works. Sweetness.

Chike: they kinda are, but for the most part are subjective. Practically, Kage, Akira, Lau, and Jacky are on top. Theoretically, Aoi, and Jeffry are on top. It’s a safe bet that those 4 are top, though…

I concur with b4k4’s post. Jeffry can own in the right hands. 2 mistakes = round when vs him. even though brad isn’t too bad, Jacky does what brad tries better.

*Originally posted by Yushiro *
**I mostly play Aoi on VF4 Evolution yet I’m still learning the depth of the game. I believe its extremely hard to tell character tiers in VF4 Evl since not many US players play the game.

Aoi, good choice. I’m learning her myself nice counters, good footwork with her. Alot of mmindgames with her too with some moves you can use to trick other players with. I’ve seen some good Aoi matches off of myself. Goh is a another one I play with.

I consider VF to be the 3D verison of Street Fighter2 a very good game of course the tiers are there but even you can win with the low ones (didn’t one guy win evo with Lion)

A) Lion is not low tier (and yes the top player in the world uses him)
B) 95% of the US is not good enough for tiers to matter. It’s cliche, but actually true in this game. “easy vs. hard” matters more than who’s actually good.

1./ Lion is not low tier.

2./ Chibita is not the world chapion. He never wins any big tournaments in Japan. Evo 2k3 doesn’t count for much, as VF4:Evo goes. North America is nowhere near as good as Japan, and there were verry few Japanese players at Evo (those who went, however, placed in the top 5). Evo was far from the VF world championship.

3./ Aoi is good if your yomi is really advanced. Her sabiki’s allow her to be strong even in situations when she’s at a disadvantage. Practically, she’s one of the 3 or 4 worst characters in the game, but theroretically, she’s number one. You’d just need to have ESP to pull that shit off.

Tiers really don’t matter to me, I don’t play at the arcade or tourneys so who’s really the best doesn’t matter. But I’m glad you all enjoy the game though.

If you start thinking about tiers in vf you’ll never develop at the game, The game is wide open anyone can beat anyone.
I’m not denying that there might be tiers in vf, but belive me the line that seperates each so called tier is a very very thin one, think about Lau No counters no inishi no sabakis a tad predictable maybe you might think he’s low tier but NO he’s a MONSTER!!! i just think if you try to tier vf you’ll just be taking away from the games genius, maybe it’s why it never took off in the states, not to mention the dominace japan has the states at the game.
Oh one thing i’ve noticed people trying to use multiple chracters, DONT stick with one you’ll do SO much better.