VLX and PS360


So I’m about to mod my VLX with the PS360 and I’ve read that I need to make new QD’s for it and solder new wires for the home button. Anything else I need to know before I do this mod


Solder? QDs? I didn’t need to do any of that to install it on my Qanba. Why would you need to do any of that?



I’ve got some questions too… I’m thinking about using the original usb cable so I don’t need to drill any holes. I want to solder the wires to the alternative usb hookup, but there only 4 spots for the 5 wires.

What exactly would it take to use a new cable?


The 5th wire is the shielding to the cable, and can either be omitted entirely, or soldered to Ground as well.


Great, thanks. I was hoping that was the answer.

I just found a usb pinout, so I know which color goes where. Looks like I figured out how to connect the select button from another post.