VLX Kuro - Adding PS360+ Functionality

New member, been searching high and low to see if any other mods have been made to the newly released VLX Kuro other than cosmetic button/balltop swaps.

I’m looking to replace all my sticks with this beast and would like to add a PS360+ to the mix. I’ve brainstormed a few possibilities but at the moment I feel like the most optimal way to rock it would be with an alternate RJ45 output for Xbox360 (and the plethora of other consoles it support), keeping the PS4/PS3 functionality on the stock USB cable. Bear in mind I have been unable to find any schematics for the VLX PCB to go off of for the piggyback wiring.

If any one has attempted to do this or plan on doing so, which resources have you found for reference? Anything that would point me in the right directions is appreciated.

You could have it all use the same USB cable with a DPDT switch or an IMP. Or if you want the retro console support, you could have it all use RJ45 output.

Dual modding is the same for any common ground controller, you don’t need stick specific schematics. Dual modding 101