VLX Kuro mounting holes?


Hey guys
Trying to install an LS32 into my stick, but I have no way to mount it. I’m using the S plate, but the corner screw holes don’t line up. From what I remember that was pretty normal and you’d use the middle screw holes, however the screw holes on my stick don’t have a thread cut in them. Is this normal? If other people have the same then I’ll deal with it somehow but if it’s just mine that slipped through I’ll return it.
It’s the centre holes I need to use but they are just holes without a thread cut into them, so the screw won’t go in.


That’s weird. My VLX Kuro had threads in those, and I mounted my LS-40 with the S-Plate in the middle holes without any real issue.
If I remember correctly, they were a little tight, though.


Thanks. The art seemed a bit off center too, maybe I was just unlucky


My replacement cane today but it’s exactly the same. Are the screws self tapping? Should I just screw straight in even though there isn’t a thread already?


Update. I screwed directly into the hole. Took a little bit of effort but after I removed it, it had created a thread