VLX Premium PS3 on Windows - Only works in some games?


So I’m using DS3tool and trying to get my VLX to work. It will work in some games (Skullgirls, SFxT, Jamestown), but not in others (Pac-Man DX, Type-X games, ). They just don’t register any joystick inputs what-so-ever. Now, my 360 controller works with them (obviously since Windows has built-in drivers), and even my DS3 will work just dandy in the same games. Anyone else have game-specific issues with the PS3 VLX on their PC? Is there a fix, or am I destined for a PS360+ ?


is it the joystick level or the whole controller?

Also not every PC game support every controller

Neither Mad Catz or Hori guarantee devices made made for a particular console will work for the PC


It’s just the joystick itself. And all of these games support 360 controllers (which is what ds3tool emulates).

Really hoping to hear first hand experience from other owners in case it’s just my settings in DS3tool are off.


I bet it’s the DLR switch issue.

I noticed this with other Hori joysticks; never bothered to test this with the VLX because the thing is a beast and my computer table space is at a premium as it is! The VLX IS an HRAP and should be using the same PCB all the other HRAP’s for PS3 use…

Anyhow, try switching from digital “D” position to “L”/left analog. That usually takes care of the joystick input issue on PC’s and Mac’s.

Some PC emulators and games work fine with the joystick in “D”/digital setting. For others – and MAME’s one of these programs --, you have to set the input switch to “L”. You just have to try and see which game requires what setting. I found for SNESx and at least one PC game (Typhoon, a Tempest 2000 clone) that I could keep the HRAP’s in digital “D” mode. For MAME at least, I had to switch from “D” mode to “L”/left analog stick mode to be able to use the joystick. Simple solution!

This sort of thing has happened with EVERY PS3 HRAP I’ve used on the PC.
Never happens with the joysticks that have Cthulu PCB’s. Those register as digital joysticks in every game and emulator on PC.


I’m looking but I can’t seem to find the “D”, “L” digital/analog option anywhere. I’m using the current version of DS3Tool.


Oh my gosh I’m an idiot… On the stick…

Tried all 3 (it had been on L to begin with), still can’t get the games that weren’t working working. They work great with the Dualshock3 and 360, but not my VLX…


Don’t use 360 drivers with the PS3 joystick.
Try removing the drivers to see if that helps the PS3 joystick or not.
Shouldn’t need them, period.
At least do a test with “Control Panel” in Windows to see if the computer is detecting the joystick when it’s plugged in. (I always hear a computer “ba-bump” sound whenever I plug in a USB device into my PC.) There should a GamePad/Controllers option regardless of your version of Windows. You can at least test to see if the PC is registering joystick and button inputs. If no inputs are detected from the stick/button input, you’re SOL. I don’t think any hardware driver can help you if the PC isn’t registering inputs, period.

(You’d probably want to use XPadder 5.3 anyway to set up the controller. I’ve never had to use XPadder for anything but more bizarre controllers like the Sega Virtual-On Twin Stick.)

IF it has an possibility of working with your PC, it should work fine WITHOUT those 360 drivers. I don’t think they do much for any controller that isn’t meant to be used primarily for XBox 360 anyway. The drivers “look” for 360 chips which that VLX doesn’t have.
I’ve got one of those “trouble-prone” non-Intel PC’s and all my HRAP’s work with that PC… It’s an AMD/Nvidia chip motherboard running Windows XP (until I upgrade the OS).

The joystick will work with either “D” or “L” settings.
Don’t know your computer’s set-up… The problem with PC’s is the open-architecture business. Leads to plenty of conflicts between the hardware and software. Due to the lack of standardization, you should never say ANYTHING is 100% guaranteed to work on a PC unless that PC has been thoroughly tested and vetted — which most haven’t.
The other issue is all those versions of Windows floating on the market. XP is coming up dead this year but plenty of people still use that OS and Windows 7 in addition to Windows 8 and all its revisions.

Now you know why Hori and Mad Catz don’t bother to officially certify that their product works with Windows!

If worst comes to worst, save the VLX joystick for consoles… You probably have other controllers that should work with the PC anyway…

The only other thing that I can think of is that with some emu’s and games, the USB port you plug a controller into CAN affect the emu/game. I plug into the top USB port in the front of my PC. In another game I played with over a year ago, I had to use the second/lower USB port to play that game from Player 1/Left Side.
I know with PS3’s that it doesn’t matter which USB port you plug into. I have the original 4-port 60GB model and I use all ports with the joysticks. As long as you’re not using a wireless controller, the joystick gets detected as Controller 1 regardless of the USB port it’s plugged into.


^ Just wanted to say that I saw your message a couple days ago but forgot to reply with my results.

In the end I gave XPadder a shot, and now everything works perfectly in all games!


XPadder actually worked…???

Miracle of miracles!

The only other third party joystick driver I could think of was Joy2Pad (Japanese) but that program is notoriously difficult to set-up.
XPadder is fairly self-explanatory and has decent documentation in English at least.


^ I’ve tried XPadder in the past on different controllers and it’s never done anything for me. Apparently it plays really well with the VLX PS3 edition. Go figure.