VM-Tech Arcade Revolution (new standart DIY Cases, transparant sanwa silencer, Crown Medium Rubber)

just curious, there might be some one ordering that’ll ask if they can request for additional holes?

Have you tested the case for strength? Seeing as it seems to lack the amount of support that something like Art’s TEK-Cases have, I can’t help but be worried.

hii dude, I’am one of ur fans :). I admire ur work, it is like god work, very beautiful and original.

yes, this is preorder price, after the first batch i will recalculate and adjusting the price.

for the layout, i arrange it that way, so it can have more palm rest, because mostly arcade stick have very small palm rest because they center the buttons layout, and i’am not comfortable with this because makes my hands tired quickly

yes ur are right. i read @ slagcoin that the standard height is about 23-24mm, and using 5+3mm top panel makes the height is 25-26mm. for me, i feel this is the “perfect” height.but since i will sale this case to the community i think i have to make it standard, for the next batch i will use 7+3mm for the top panel. thnx a lot for remain me about this

yes u can request additional hole, or put ur nickname/logo using laser engraving on the case, but it will have additional cost.

i don’t know anything about tek-case. i have this idea before tek-case exist.
but i can assure u the case is using very thick acrylic.
FYI before this vm-case, i usually use 5mm acrylic for frame and top panel, 3mm for buttom panel. and they never break (my customer use that case is about 2 years)

I think it is a good idea to slam this case to the bad and upload it to youtube, so we can know about the strength of this case :slight_smile:

It’s not just the thickness, Arthong’s TEK case has a second set on internals supports for the top panel acryllic.

i’m sorry, i can’t open that link, since it is not good ethic for taking advantage from somebody else design for my benefit.
maybe we have different design in making arcade case. i can’t tell you about the strength, but i will run some test and show it, so u can judge it by ur self about the strength. thnx a lot for the input, i really appreciate that.

i think he was just wondering on the support of the top panel. eventhough it’s a thick layer, the middle part may still give in and eventually break. an additional interior support might help.

don’t worry about that, the VM-case width is only 22,5cm, also i have experience using only 5mm acrylic and it still ok after 2 years. and 8mm thick is more than enough to support ur palm and finger pressure (i don’t thik anyone can break it using finger, except they are shaolin kungfu master :P)

ps: maybe i will make it 10mm to have the standart joystick height like B15SDM told me

On a related note, in Art’s cases, the internal supports are also mounting points for PCB mounting plates. You should consider those.

The Super thick Plexi he is using will have no issues with bending/warping/flexing, especially at this size of case. When I made my 2P plexi control panel from 10mm plexi it gave me zero issues.

Very clean waswuz!!

Don’t go 10mm bro! Been there done that. Balltop will be too low.

8mm solid acrylic is best as mentioned before and is more than strong enough to take the abuse.

oh, I mean 10 is (7+ 3mm) :slight_smile:

hii senior. thnx for sharing :slight_smile:

since there are a lot variation of PCB, u can use PCB feet that fit (see etoki.com). this also to reduce the cost and give freedom to the mooder to place the board :wink:

If interest arises, would you be able to do custom layouts/korean layouts?

Really, these cases are slick.

U can request ur own layout (just email me the soft copy in coreldraw format, additional cost is 5USD for using ur own layout), and u can also write ur nickname or put logo on the stick using laser etching. but it will have additional cost depending on the design.

Love the design!

loving that it’s 6 button and the button layout looks astro-ish. is this the hori layout? i’d like the buttons and stick a smidge lower but that’s just me.

These remind me of a company named Futuresky. And at 2.5 inches deep these should fit any short barrel American style buttons as well (IL/Yenox). But seriously dude, good case design and cheap as hell, looks very slick and sturdy.