VN Dev might face lawsuit from Disney!/kotoha_amorico

"Thank you very much for playing Visual Novel "Hanako"
Due to a major and intricate reasons, we were unavoidably close our site and stop the development of our game.

From today, year 2012 January 26, We’re closing “Hanako Official Site” for indefinite period.
We appreciate the players whom supported us. Thank you very much."

The visual novel Hanako was forced to shut down development of a game by disney for “defaming his character” and asked for 6 million yen for compensation

"チコラジにキャラクター(ミッキー)に対する名誉破損の表現が含まれてるとかで、凄く責めて来ている。 一応電話番号を渡したので、話し合いで和解できれば良いけど。 もちろん僕がディズニーが嫌いな訳ないです。それでは言っておきます。ダメだった。向こうは何を言っても批判を繰り返して来ます。もしかしたら訴えられるかも知れない。向こうはゲーム公開・開発中止と賠償金600万円を要求するって言ってた。僕はそんなにも悪いことをしたのだろうか。もし何かあったらごめんなさい……"
Disney was saying my game is defaming their character, (Mickey), I gave them my phone number. I’m hoping to make an amicable settlement with them.And let me clear it out with them that I don’t hate Disney…No matter what I tell them, Disney keeps criticizing me. They may file a lawsuit. They want me to stop the game project and wants compensation of 6 million yen.

yooooooo copyright is scary

Er, even the Japanese know that Disney’s a money-hungry corporation that’ll sue everyone if needed. I don’t know how this stupid-ass doujin circle expected to get away with THAT…

Disney: “Gotcha!”

I thought these copyright laws did not apply over in Japan? Fire pro wrestling anyone?

Japan has their own copyright laws, and Disney does operate there too(Tokyo Disneyland, for starters).

…how the creators of FPW haven’t gotten sued in spite of their flimsy methods of dodging copyright laws, I don’t have a clue though.

heil Sopa

This is the “fraud” using Disney.
In Japan, this fact is already proved.





Apparently Disney wasn’t involved with this at all. It was just some dude trolling that doujin circle with a fake e-mail, but it was still scary enough for them to cease production on the game and shut down the website.