VNA byweekly tournys


1st. Hector Falcon(Montana) A-groove Geese,Sakura,Bison R2
2nd. Isaac (Materiazero) C-groove Chunli,Blanka,Sagat R2
3rd. John Ingram(Pimpedoutgeese) K-groove Hibiki,Blanka,Sagat R2
4th.Paul(Mediapirate) C-groove Sagat,Blanka,Cammy R2
5th.Will C-groove Blanka,Honda, Bison R2


Paul vs Isaac - 0-2 Isaac wins loosers bracket
paul u hella fuck up playing isaac u got ur ass kicked fucking scrub haha best match in the fuckin tourny tho nice try paul maybe when u get better u will get 3rd…

Isaac Vs John 3-2 Isaac wins loosers bracket
dam issac beat john ass twice in tournys already could it be that issac is better then john or just luck we will see next time good job Isaac…

Hector VS John 2-1 winners bracket
john nice try but u just cant beat that sakura shoshoshosho died…haha

Isaac Vs Hector 0-3 last match
fear my a groove isaac haha…


After the tourny there was a lil shit talking between john and isaac beacuse isaac beat john and i guess next SATURDAY they are going to have a mooney match… Best of 5 for 5 bucks!!! JEA!!! beat his ass ISAAC.!!! LMFAO!!


damn good job isaac happy for you keep the practicing up man

tourny next week agian montana?


yea next week fosho


good shit everyone