VNA Random UnExpected Tourny

1st Hector Falcon(montana) C-Yamazaki/Geese/IoriR2 / A-Ken Bison/Cammy/Sakura R2

2nd Everardo Ruvalcaba(VkreW) K-ken/ryu/akumaR2 / k-vega/bison/blankaR2

3rd Isaac(e3) n-chunli/blanka/sagatR2

4th John(PimpedOutGeese) K-hibiki/hoahmaru/blankaR2

5th Erik(AirecS) C-Rock/Bison/YamazakiR2

6th Walter K-Geese/Terry/RugalR2

7th Will C-Honda/Blanka/BisonR2


good games :slight_smile:

haha i owned all u fools!!!

aha pussy too scared to play your team so you counter what a fag

for your INFORMATION its called playing smart dum asss!!!

its called being a fucking pussy like all those fucking pussys that counter clock work there all fucking pussys just like you your in the pussys category pussy hahahaha fucking pussy

do u smell that??? i smell BULLSHIT and i also smell a hata not an appriciata!!!:cool: :smiley:

bahahaha stupid bitch

good shit paul u got top 8 holdin it down


yeah i got 8th without even being present fuck yeah

then next time dont say your gonna show up if your not

i said i was gonna show up?!?

and if i did sorry i forgot

yeah you did

u and hector r lovers

yeah we are and i give him tha choizo every nite

:wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

OOOKKK!!! that sounds kinda gay!!!:confused: