VNA: The Official Visalia Nickel Arcade believe


Still kind of active?


Xbox live is the shit now… Anybody out there join the fun, ebox live is the shit…


Holy shit. How the fuck did you resurrect this thread. lol.
Oh. and online sux. just sayin.


It does…


forgot my password to my vkrew account wtf!@#

anyways anyone still play? I just bought a joystick for my ps3 and started to play a little bit hit me up on psn/ SSF4 or MVC2 Let’s do IT!!


guess not


tumbleweed …lol


in cali?
tornado dust


hey man i used to play on psn but wont be for awhile but i live in visalia too, i guess you could say im new to the fighting scene i used to play tekken 4 at ow wow but stopped going because it died out anyway i’ve been playing mvc2 for about a year and just picked up street fighter 4. lol i cant believe how there isnt any activity in cowtown visalia. Anyone who sees this can contact me through msg through here so we can get some matches going on xbox my GT is jiggaloww and psn its yourpapi


There is my self and cacaking that play SSFIV alot.


Anyone in Visalia up for any casuals ?


Where the hell did this thread come from!!! Lol its been yrs since I been to VIA…is any of the old crew around?? Shouts to kaioshin…pimped out gesse!!..I should try to find the old modesto thread lol


Whats up T. I was just down there last week… played dennes and telly for ol times sake.
Ceasar check yer pm’s joto. <3


hola Video gameo Heads!


HAHA. This thread is officially irrelevant since Visalia Nickel’s been closed for some time, now. Though, I’d like to start some kind of scene down here.


Ask if Adventure park will loan us a TV


i highly doubt they will but if we take a tv they may not care tho


Well, I will ask a manager though I need to find more people in this.


Bump hit me up for some sfv


I own Sendog/Ceasar.

That is all.