VNA: Visalia Nickel Arcade CvS2/ MvC2 tourney results (3/9)

Thanks to all the people that came, especially those who had to travel from afar such as Impulsze n’ crew and Shoryublanka.
Vna Tourney Results,

U]Marvel vs Capcom 2
1st Bronson Tran Insane lee
2nd Efrain Villasenor Kaioshin_Sama
3rd Ceasar Ceasarito
4th Som Keophiphat Som
5th Johnathan Talley Telly Tel
5th Jhamarr iMPULSZE Jayme

Capcom Vs Snk 2
1st Jon Gamer Gone Bad
2nd Scott Skipmark
3rd Hector Iori559
4th Jerry Laostyle559

On the sign up sheet most of the people who entered wrote their first name and at times a nick. So if you want your full name and nick in the results, PM your name so I can make the correction when I enter the results into Apex whenever its fixed THX.

I look forward to having better tournies in the future. Once again people thanks for coming.