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what does scrub mean, in terms of the fighting game community using it, and salty.

scrub is supposed to mean people who play by their own made up rules and/or code of honor and refuse to acknowledge that they were legitimately defeated if the opponent uses something they deem dishonorable or “cheap.” For example, if the other person just sits on the other side of the screen and throws fireballs and you don’t know how to deal with it so you claim that fireballs are cheap and the other person only won by using cheap tactics, you would be a scrub. Sometimes people use the term to just refer to new/bad players in general though.

Salty is just when you are mad after a loss

Scrub is That Guy, the guy who no one wants to play with. He thinks he’s hot shit, but still plays very basic, and gets mad when he loses, blaming it on some perceived grievance.

Not every unskilled player is a scrub but every scrub is an unskilled player.

Salty just means to be mad after losing. In fighting games, you will inevitably get salty. It happens.

lol yeah , it has happend to me, being salty. Um also what does whiff and buff mean, in the street fighter vocab

oh and also trolling

whiff means miss, like if you do the input for a super and you miss the opponent anyway. buff is a bonus to something, for example, in UMVC3 X-Factor gives a buff, or a bonus, to your character’s speed and power.

Trolling is just acting like a dick or annoying someone on purpose trying to intentionally get someone upset or mad, but that’s all across the internet, not just fighting game.

Whiff: When your move misses entirely, not blocked or absorbed or etc.

Buff: When a character receives positive changes from a patch or new installment in a series. The opposite of this is a nerf.

Trolling: Intentionally doing anything meant to annoy another.

Thanks, sorry i hear the commentators say these words and i don’t know clearly what it means, I know juggle means something to do with the air, can someone please elaborate?

A scrub is someone on SRK or Capcom Unity who says anything you disagree with.

in a nutshell, juggling is the instance whereupon you get a successful hit that launches your opponent into the air and can tack on a few [or more] hits to increase the damage they take before they fall to the ground where you cannot damage them further or until they get up again.

troll goldmine, this thread is hmm?

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thanks, what does setup mean lol, sorry for asking so much, i’m a noob