Voice Actors for MvC3

Anybody else watch Super Hero Squad, because those are the voices I expect.

Iron Man-Tom Kenny AKA Spongebob
The Hulk and Wolvie were perfectly captured in here. I don’t want no Grey Hulk, I want “HULK SMASH!” “HULK STRONGEST!” “HULK WANT NEW PANTS AND A KITTY”

Hell If we get Punisher to be voiced by Ray Stevensen I’d be way more than happy.

Or we could get those 90s VA back

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multiple languages please

I doubt there will be multiple languages for Marvel’s side

Fred Tatasciore as Hulk and Steven Blum as Wolverine, they’ve been voicing those characters alot lately. I doubt they’ll use the SHS VA’s (they’re not the only Marvel shows these days).

I hope Deadpool is voiced by Nolan North. He did a great job with Wade in Hulk vs.

Iron Man will hopefully be voiced by Crispin Freeman or David Kaye.

But we’ll see how it goes.

I was thinking of this: since they’re going for the 90’s comic book come to life thing, why not use the same ones from the 90’s cartoons?

I remember the voices for the old cartoon being really bad, in particular omega red, gambit, and magneto were horrible.

Good chance most major game titles these days have him.

Why would Capcom change the Marvel voice actors from MVC2? They were already perfect.

Not Marvel, but in the trailer Ryu was voiced by Kyle Hebert again, although it could just be a reused clip straight from SFIV used for the trailer.

Most likely we’ll get updated voices, a lot of new mainstays (Blum as Logan, North as Deadpool). No chance of 90’s VA returning let’s be serious.

Steve Bloom is wolvie in shs

I really hope we can at least have the Capcom characters Japanese voices. I don’t like their English VA’s.

Deadpool was voice by John Kassir in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 , Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse .


Christopher Daniel Barnes did the voice for Spiderman in the 1994 animated series and right now he’s doing the voice for Nori Spider-man in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions . along with Josh Keaton ( “The Spectacular Spider-Man” ) as the voice of Amazing Spider-Man , Quinton Flynn ( Marvel: Ultimate Alliance ) as the voice of 4th Spider-Man and Rino Romano ( Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro ) as the voice of 3rd Spider-Man.

a list of all of Spider-Man’s voice actors


Exactly, especially Hulk who is in his “Savage” form in this game, so he’d talk in Hulk speak.

And in Hulk Vs, wolverine and the X-Men and various marvel video games.

Re-using old '90s voices simply depends on how the game is. No new moves, no story intro with dialog and no character specific endings where they talk well Capcom can float whoever a check and call it a day. They did this with almost every SF character in the Marvel vs. series from X-Men vs. Street Fighter and up. Truth be told Capcom has done this sort of thing several times in the past.

Of what we know, this game will have an actual story and every character will get an ending. Of course whether or not they actually talk in their endings, if they will be animated or just be stills with written dialog, well who knows. Those are the kind of things that matter when it comes to re-casting.

The majority of the '90s X-Men cast is located in Canada (or at least was when the cartoon was in circulation). Only Storm’s voice actress is located in L.A. This is why when the '90s Spider-Man cartoon did the Secret Wars storyline the only X-Men they used was Storm because her VA was available and she was in L.A. This may or may not pose a problem with getting some of them back.

Steve Blum is pretty much a lock over Dodd for Wolverine. He’s even worked for Capcom as Super Joe in the 3D Bionic Commando game. I will be surprised if Blum isn’t Wolverine this time around since he voices Wolverine in EVERYTHING.

Fred Tatasciore is almost a lock except he didn’t voice Hulk in Planet Hulk which is incredibly recent. Of course Planet Hulk Hulk is not exactly stupid Hulk which is what I think MVC3 is going for. Fred’s chances are good I suppose.

Wolverine and the X-Men will not continue so it’s unknown if they will use any of those voices, if the actors are willing to do it or if they have moved onto other projects, etc. However “IF” Emma Frost is in this (I can’t see her not being in this game, since fan poll after fan poll she beats the living daylights out of every other Marvel female) I’m willing to bet they will get her voice actress from Wolverine and the X-Men and not the one from the Astonishing X-Men motion comic. Of course they could go a whole other way for Emma’s voice.

Spider-Man is interesting because Capcom used Patrick Chilvers and not his '90s voice actor, Barnes. And Josh Keaton is the most current one, even though The Spectacular Spider-Man has been canned in favor of a future Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, which Josh said he has to go audition to see if he will get the part. I’d say it’s probably a toss up between Barnes and Keaton right now.

EDIT: I’m going to leave this here to excuse every time I was lazy and didn’t bother to look up voice actor’s names. :rofl: You can hear a lot of different portrayals for Marvel characters below. :wink:

Nolan North for Deadpool, if only for the possible fourth wall breaking jokes. Here’s hoping Capcom can sneak in references to Uncharted, Halo 3: ODST, new PoP, Assassin’s Creed, Dark Void etc. into the game.

if its not the classic vs voices it wont feel right =\

they should definitley keep/bring back the 90s VA for the X-men Characters

Bring in Robert Downey Jr. for Iron Man hah. I doubt It Though

I was basically going to say this. I want to add another to this list though. Should Sabretooth be confirmed, I really want Don Francks to be his VA

pretty positive it will be japanese only for capcom and english only for marvel.