Voice chat while playing

if you have a mic, go to www.ventrilo.com and download the ventrilo client. install it and set it up. Theres a voice server being run by moosehead at witht he default port. You can play anything while voice chatting, as it uses almost no bandwidth. It owns.

post in here if you have a mic and would like to voice chat. :slight_smile:

i’ve tried it before but for me

ventrilo + emulinker = ass

I’ve started a TeamSpeak server on Anti3D.com in addition to the Ventrilo server. Ventrilo’s licensing is infuriating… I can’t make the user limit greater than 8. TeamSpeak user limit is 100. Details here: http://www.anti3d.com/voiceserver.php

Don’t tell me Ventrilo is better, I agree.

I’ve had a couple great ST matches recently while on TeamSpeak and Ventrilo. If you haven’t checked it out, consider it. Just idle in there, prob me or fb or somebody will jump in sometime.

You definately need a fairly large pipe to the net for Kaillera and TeamSpeak to work at the same time. It’s your upstream limit that kills it. TeamSpeak lets you create rooms with different codecs if you want to limit the bandwidth. The default room on Anti3D is the highest codec, so best sound but a bandwidth hog.