Voice in recent fighting games - too much?


I was playing some SSF4 against a Juri player the other day, and my wife pointed out something - “Man, that chick sure likes to talk a lot.” Later, I was watching some old ST vids, and I noticed how relatively quiet it is. Yeah, characters say special moves like “Hadouken!” and “Spinning Bird Kick!” but aside from that, there isn’t voice for normals or even getting hit, and the announcer is fairly non-existant.

Lately, fighting games have been becoming more verbal. Of course, there are moments when it’s cool - like Deadpool saying Yipes Magneto win quote or even the individual character call, stuff like that. And then there’s the case of overdoing it - aka BlazBlue.

Personally, I think this is a bit much. I already thought that Juri/Hakan were too chatty in Super, and after watching some ST vids, I started noticing the announcer and other vocal clips. Also, watch some Tekken matches - depending on the intro/win scenes, the characters may go the entire fight without ever saying an actual word. But what do you guys think? Fighting games becoming too voice-heavy? Or not enough?

Also, how about the announcers? I’m kinda meh on the SF ones, but Soul Calibur always struck me as a series with great announcing.


What exactly would be wrong too much talking in fighting games? It doesn’t seem to bother me that much, I love hearing Deadpool’s quotes.


A3/CvS2 announcers were GODLIKE!


Dude, you win!! I said THOSE EXACT WORDS about 2 hours ago at a friends house when we were having a discussion about fg announcers, lol!


Old school Tekken voices/grunts were the shit. After TTT they all went to hell. I love the old school Kazuya stuff. Lee had an awesome voice as well. His laugh was killa.

I think Tekken & Soul Calibur got it right. Keep the announcer away until the match is over. MAXI WAS SERIOUSLY WOUNDED, BUT THE SOUL STILL BURNED! Fucking GDLK.

I can halfway tolerate the announcer saying stuff after you land a big combo. The SF series just went overboard. Fighting Juri is WhyYouWhyYouWhyYouWhyYouWhyYouWhyYouWhyYouWhyYouWhyYouWhyYouWhyYou. Fuck that.


Playing BlazBlue’s training mode against Bang will make you tear your ears off.


Whenever I hit a big damage move, I expect the announcer to say that that was what they liked to call big damage.


Bang’s voice actor is gdlk


Thank you. Doing a challenge mode in cs where you aa made me want to break my disc.



-insert your obvious Ougon Musou Kyoku video here-


who cares?

its all about the HNK announcer
the previous announcer of GGXX to GGXX Slash was awesome too, yet i agree that the one of cvs2 is one of my favorites


as much as I love blazblue, I really wish the voice actors would shut the fuck up. It’s a dozen times worse in this game than any other I’ve seen.


the real problem with BB is that when you hit them they interrupt what they are saying to say it again, it would be more tolerable for the people who complain about it, if they finish their lines before saying another line
but meh, i really cant care about how much or less they talk


Yeah I’m chiming in on that too, BB’s abundance of voices is close to intolerable.

Especially Bang. I’ve never once understood the rabid fanbase people have with him either, the moment he gets his song going I want to take the disc out of the PS3 and stab my opponent right in between the eyes with it.


agreed, the theme of furinkazan is a boner killer, i really hate it


Getting hit should only be grunts or growns. They shouldn’t speak actual words.

I also hate announcers yucking it up like they’re some failed radio personality.


What if the announcer for ‘Crazy Taxi’ did a fighting game?



My biggest gripes are making the announcer say canned, uninteresting responses to “action” in the game, and basically repeated use of the same few groans on EVERY attack. If you’ll notice in a lot of current games, (Guilty Gear XX onward), if a certain “type” of move connects, a character will always make a “OW THAT HURT” noise of some sort. They will always make the same. Damn. Noise. If it were like, a 25% chance of happening on a hard attack in a combo, and then never repeated itself, I think a lot of the clutter would go away. Jam, Litchi and Juri I think are the worst offenders in recent memory.


madden should be an announcer


KOF was the best for me, Iori especially was especially distinctive. Third Strike wasn’t bad either. I do like my character intros though, especially for the rivalries, etc.

They do tend to ramble on in BB, but it’s especially bad against someone like Noel because half way through the 6th clipped clip of her screaming (the starting and stopping for the damage effect on each hit is especially bad) it sounds like you’re watching some kind of hentai. It never kills the game for me, but it’s worse in english because you actually know what they’re saying and you cant tune it out as just VG jap babble, playing Jin in BBCT was just hours of: