Voice of our heroes

So being impressed by the move setups and the animation work that was put in has always been enough for me. But when I first saw MVC3 the first thing I noticed right away was the voice work (outside of Captain America >.>) is excellent!

I’m big on the sound in games and I gotta really give props to Capcom and Marvel for the excellent actors portraying these characters down to the last grunt to make them sound like they should. My favorite being Doctor Doom’s new voice, it actually makes him sound evil :badboy: instead of stricken with laryngitis :nono:

And the personality put into it too rather than announcing supers like before they also give interesting quotes like “I hope you’re watching this” or “Here comes the Calvary” and when characters like Captain American switch out to Iron man you’ll hear him shout out “Tony!”

I found this to be one of the qualities that will really distinguish this game from other fighters outside of pummeling people with their own life bar XD

Good thing you made a whole new thread about this.

I love everyone’s voice, good work this time, except Chun, i think japanese fits her more.
Obviously Deadpool get the crown for things like “I love me some guns!” “Bang, bang bang, BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG!” “Anime powerup shit!”.
Also Iron-man. Great voice, seriously i <3 when i heard “Avengers, assemble!”

When Iron Man and Cap called out each others names when switching out, it did make me smile I must say, it’s awesome attention to detail…can’t wait to see the chemistry with the rest of the characters.

I don’t much care for iron man’s voice, I don’t hate it, but it’s not my favorite.

I definitely hate Dooms and Caps though. I mean ugfehafuiriwGHIWEGVFu

I particularly like Doom’s, Deadpool, and Iron man

Iron man sounds like he has a personality now compared to his MvC2 self And Doctor Doom’s work is incredible :D, Deadpool is hilarious “you pressed the wrong button!!!” had me laughin the first time I heard it yo

I had wondered if they had two characters that were natural enemies and on the same team if they would incorporate the hatred/rivalry into what they say when they call out assists or switch in/out.

Like for example: if they had Mr. Fantastic(I know he’s not in the game just using as an example) and Dr. Doom and Reed switches out and says “Victor, I could use your help” and Doom is like “Curse you Richards, I am not yours to command!” as he’s switching in.

Other Characters would be like Chris/Wesker, Chun-li/Bison etc, but I dunno if they would go that far but its nice to think so.

I hate IM’s voice. The old one was much better. He’s sounds like a queer when he says PC now. I miss PROTON CANNON!!!

Voices might be a decent topic to provide good conversation. Keeping the thread open just to see how it turns out.

Hmm, that definitely could work, although those commands may be too long to recite when switching characters…maybe assists, but I dunno if they’d go that far.

Wolverine and Deadpool would have a good witty banter I’m sure now that I think about it.

But I think what would be really interesting is cross universe recognizing like Ryu would be able to talk to Captain America as if they knew each other before or have a connection and people like Deadpool and Dante that would really add a whole new layer of detail

Deadpool to Dante Tag in : "All yours Pretty boy!"
Dante to Deadpool Tag in : “Hey! Trigger happy!” and Deadpool says: “Who me?” as he jumps in

stuff like that

I absolutely hate Iron Man’s voice, sounds so…unmanly.

I prefer it to MvC2 , just sounds odd at places now IMO… Proton cannon I actually like though and “here comes the cavalry” , don’t much care for the way he says “avengers assemble” .

Speaking of IM… I like how the hulk refers to him as “metal man” on tagging.

FYI…in case the Nolan North IS the voice of Deadpool from the Wolverine animated movie AND MvC3 said on Stream via Capcom Unity!

Yeah, sure, I had to go back to page 5 to find it, but it took less than 60 seconds. http://shoryuken.com/f340/voice-actors-mvc3-232596/

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