Voltage on a HRAP2?

hey guys i wanna us a HRAP 2 pcb for a custom stick with a P360.

can someone please tell my what the voltage output is on those HRAP pcbs?

i know this has been asked before but what other pcbs besides the ps1 controller will work with a P360 joystick? i hate MAS pcbs, they cause way too many problems, just need options

oh yeah what are the voltage outputs on the ps1 controller, ps1 dual shock, and ps2 controllers?

mad thanks n love to all that help :bgrin:

yo nizmor

someone correct me if i am wrong, i believe all of the playstation voltages are the same – 3.3v
it all comes from the red pin.

the hrap2 board might be color coded differently, but usually it is the red wire, which has 3.3v always. some say that the 3.3v isn’t enough to power a 360, but that’s how i powered all of mine. some use the 9v pin also and use a 5v regulator, or they just draw power from the usb.

here are some resources

some great info, a few more questions bro:

where is the 9volt pin located at? (this is for a ps2 by the way)

and what kind of 5volt regulator would i need? can i get this at a radio shack? specific part at radioshack?

much mahalos here cuz :bgrin:

pin 3 is the 9v pin,


i THINK this is the one you need.

however, i suggest trying the 3.3v red cord on the ps2 first. i’ve had trouble getting the 9v mod to work while plugged into converters (i.e. dreamcast or xbox converters)