Voltage settings on New Astro for Naomi

Hey guys,
I’m still learning about the Naomi. I wanted to know what the recommended voltage settings are for use on the New Astro Cab?

Here’s my setup:
New Astro Cab
Naomi 1 Mobo
Capcom I/O

I got CvS working but when I play Power Stone, the game would freeze up. After looking around I realized that I had to turn up the juice so I did slightly. My question is whats the safest level to have it at? Will the settings be the same when I ad a Dimm Board and GD-Rom unit? I know that the GD-Rom will require another PSU. But will the voltage still need to be turned up and how much?

Just trying to be safe and not burn my apt down. Thanks guys!

From what I’ve read 5.1 V under load is almost universally recommended for all arcade games except the most finicky.