Voltron Force (TODAY! 8:30pm est on nick!)


Looked/searched and couldn’t find a thread for this. And if there is one maybe it’s time for a new one since the show premieres tonight!! It’s been what 13 years since that cgi show? And a lot longer since the original.

[details=Spoiler]Ending theme is a remix of the original theme. It’s short but really good.


The whole show looks like ass. Shitty animation that has a coast on by look, mullets, retarded plot and a marketing campaign that involves supposedly cool and hip kids break dancing.

Shit looks stupid.


this show will fail…lol at the black guy on the team. if it aignt broke why fix it?


They gotta hit that affirmative action quota, and enforce racial stereotypes for a new generation. His lion is gonna be the breakdancing/battle rapping lion. FORCES OF EVIL, FEAR MY RHYMES!


TheHub will take care of this when they add old school Voltron to their late night lineup.


Dude HuBOOM is the shit. So is quibo late night.


shits lookin wack…


Where’s that real life graphics shit!!!11!


so much truth in one mans post.