Voltron: Legendary Defender (Netflix series from TLA & Korra directors and Studio Mir)


[details=Spoiler]Is it me, or are the Holts basically the Bat-Family of Voltron?

Legit choked up in ep 2

EP4: We Sentai now[/details]


So apparently, Shiro’s return in season 3 and the subsequent…


… rolling back of Keith’s character development…

…was due to interference from Dreamworks.


That Pidge up had some Eva feels but man had me holding back some tears.


Voltron S5 Trailer.

Release Date: March 2


So just found out Shiro is gay. I mean seriously WTF? I dont have anything against gays in the sense I dont give a shit what people do in their personal lives…

But Ive seen an increasing trend in shows where it feels to me like there HAS to be a token LGBT person in every goddamn show.

I was enjoying watching this show with my kids but thats gonna stop now. Why do we HAVE to have a gay character in a show? Are we trying to say that unless someone like that in a show it cant be as good? Maybe I am venting for no reason… but it is really disappointing.


Yeah it came out of left field but it makes sense. Not in the slash shipping way some fans are bound to take it but the show thanks to Pidge has a bit of a LGBT fanbase, who see her as a champion. The show itself feels more like it wants to pair her with Hunk or not go in a easy route. Shiro really makes the most sense and due to his popularity it will hit home more to avoid tokenism charge due to him being such a central character.

As long as the character’s personality doesn’t change it is fine, he is transitioning to support role with Keith taking the reigns like they tried in season 3 so we will see but I hope they are good at it.


So Season 7 is out and so far it is the best!!