Volume level. Music never really turns off. (PC Version question)

I’m a bit of an audiophile and so it really bugs me that if you turn the music volume all the way down to zero in the config settings it still can be clearly heard playing. Now I COULD just mod the sound files and remove them ect, but sometimes I want to listen to the music and sometimes I just want to listen to my music while I’m doing training mode or whatever.

So my question is: Does anyone know where the information for what your sound settings are is located on the PC version? It isn’t listed in the config.ini file in my documents/capcom/superstreetfighteriv (only graphics related stuff there.)

Can’t help you with it: it has always bugged me as well. I’ve mentioned it in the official bug thread on CAPCOM unity several times and elsewhere, but Sven hasn’t confirmed it as one of the fixes (doesn’t mean it didn’t make it in, though). The incompetence of leaving a widely known bug in from vanilla to super shows how little attention the devs paid to the community. It bewilders me to this day how few companies have official channels for submitting bug reports! I had about 30 I wanted to send to Bioware regarding dragon age for instance… (not an exaggeration)

This is exactly what bugs me. I was also looking for some variable to turn off in a config file but i have i don’t know where to find it.

Hate this issue myself. Having to remove individual files from the game just to mute music is bothersome. Wish there was a fix.

I’m going to hijack this thread and ask another audio-related question though. I have a certain problem with AE-only (PC). My sound system resets its volume on shutdown so I (, due to my laziness, ) got used to toning games’ volume via the Windows volume panel. Generally no issues, but what AE does is even though I lower its volume, upon launching the game, the sound is still maxed no matter what the panel says. What’s even stranger is that alt-tabbing out of AE and back fixes the problem.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Ehm, if you are using windows 7, just press the volume controller > mixer > manually mute AE. Just keep it at whatever volume you want it at when you aren’t listening to music, and mute when you are.

For Larthy, never encountered that problem. If I mute it in windows, it stays that way.

But then I don’t get sound effects :expressionless:

I want to hear Elf’s squeeks.

I once used visual C to peek and poke memory addresses in an emulator running Final Fantasy 8 to figure out exactly how the scoring worked during the Dollet mission (don’t ask why, and the faqs have it wrong to this day). It took me about 2 weeks and was the first and last time I did something like that. So I suppose I could theoretically write a trainer, if I knew what to look for. I’m completely green when it comes to writing an app like that though and it’s not an efficient use of my time with other priorities, so maybe someone else should try it. Heck I’d like to see one that allows you to press F-keys to switch between music of p1, music of p2 and music of stage, during the match. That would be nice.

I have the same problem.

Anyone knows what files we need to replace or delete the music?

I’m pretty sure that I don’t want to hear it again in all my life, so a complete delete it’s ok for me.

I use the windows 7 mixer, i set sfiv to the lowest volume possible. Ingame i set the sound effects to highest and music to lowest. Works quite ok, you can barely hear the music if you listen closely with no other sounds playing.