Volunteer to be an EVO 2010 Judge


Last year we asked for volunteers from the community to help us judge. That worked really well, so we’re doing the same this year. If you’d like to be a judge, please fill out the application here.

Judge are expected to run a tournament pool, know and enforce the tournament rules, and keep the tournament running smoothly. In return, they get invited to the EVO pre-party, get a special judges t-shirt, and get the satisfaction of helping to run the biggest fighting game tournament of the year.

Please post any questions you have to this thread. Otherwise, see you at EVO!


No primo seats during finals for judges this year?


If your an aspiring tournament director this is a good opportunity to see how a high level tournament is ran


Evolution 2009 had what, 45 judges last year?

They’ll probably need more this year, with Super drawing more heads and swapping out SC4 for T6 (GGXX/3S for MBAA/TvC is probably a wash, headcount-wise).

Besides, it’s a huge service to the community at-large. Someone needs to run these things so that the games get played, and while the community is usually good at getting brackets ran in a pinch, you would not to count on that 40-odd times.

The alternative is that random people get stuck with it… and that means you might get stuck running a MB:AA pool. :pleased:


Sent my app, hope I get chosen!


I just sent the confirmation Email
posting here just in case the email comes back or something


J.D, hit me up… left my number in the Austin Arcade UFO thread. I got selected, but may end up having trouble getting to Evo this year :sad:


how do I NOT get auto-invited to do this every year? Every year I show up here late, have to pm people to get in, but every year you guys end up taking me, then on the day of the tourney half the people you selected no-show and you give me multiple brackets to run. I love this formula.

I submitted a late app, any chance I’ll be taken. You know you will have no-shows, even in your reserves.


LOL. I emailed him to remove me just in case (I plan to go, but I don’t want to screw people) cuz I’m considerate. Hopefully, I’ll still be able to judge too :tup:


Christ! No one is “auto-invited” because we don’t know who’s attending from year to year. Judges from last year in good standing (i.e. you didn’t flake, or screw up your bracket, etc.) are given priority so long as they apply. You are applying late, but Rotendo bailed on me (:lovin:), so I guess we both win. Thanks for helping again this year. See you Thursday.


at what time does judge training start on thursday???


J.D, I’m sure you’ll get an email update for that info before long, but I’d say it’s in your best best to arrive at the hotel around 8pm.


I’m not sure if you guys are still looking for judges, but I have sent in a form to judge for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.


I missed the call. I judged last year, if you guys need help i’d be more than glad to jump in to help out if you guys require it.