Volunteering in your community

Does anybody have any experience doing this? I once fancied volunteering my time at a local animal shelter, but I was sidetracked by the capricious nature of fate. While I understand the needs of my own community and feel they take precedence over my own personal desires, sometimes a young man must fight tooth and nail with the guarantee that he may not find it at all. I’m still waiting.

There is a library just down the road from my residence, and considering I enjoy reading, I think it would be both practical and useful to me, my community, and the people in it. The problem is knowing where to start.

Any advice to achieve this goal? Should I prepare myself in some way, or is it just as simple as walking in there and asking for direction? Do you have any experience or stories volunteering?

Just make sure you try and volunteer where there is an actual need…I’ve been trying to dabble in some volunteer stuff…the last thing i did was for some “adopt an angel” deal done through the salvation army, but there were so many volunteers i may as well have stayed home and watched tv…i woulda been just as useful…i met some pretty cool people though

Arrange all the books in reverse alphabetical order

ignore those stickers on the spine that say where the books should go, they’re wrong