Voodazz Art Dump v.2


I guess my old art dump expired so here’s a new one.

Anyway, I finally got some free time to color my old Kalashnikov Monkeys sketch (if anyone even remembers it. lol)

Inked and colored in Flash and Illustrator.



looks pretty cool dude:cool:


^Man that’s awesome gotta see that again on Blu Ray.


actually it’s probably still on the forum. You just have to set the forum to display threads “from the beginning”.

nice monkeys :slight_smile:


Got inspired to speed paint “Eli” from the vampire movie “Let the right one in”… she ended up looking a lot like a 12 year old version of my gf. :confused:

Still trying to get the hang of this digital painting thing.



Klashinkov Monkeys look pretty hardcore.

Nice Eli pic too.


Still working on my digital painting skills and re-did an old illustration for practice.
Gotta long way to go. :xeye: