Vortex: Better Than Sex 7 Tournament Results!

Vortex: Better Than Sex Tournament 7 Results!

NOTE: Capcom vs. SNK 2, Street Fighter III: Third Strike and Tekken 5 tournaments were cancelled due to lack of participants.


SSBM Grand Finals-projekt84 vs. SynikaL

Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament Results
1st-SynikaL (Ganondorf, Falcon)
2nd-projekt84 (Falco)
3rd-Next (Samus)
4th-Deg (Sheik)

Congratulations to SynikaL on his first tournament win in the Vortex Game Center!

It was a fun tournament! Hope to see you guys next month and don’t forget the Vortex No Jutsu Tournament 4 this Saturday!