Vortex: Better Than Sex Tournament 6-The Big Three Results!

Vortex: Better Than Sex Tournament 6-The Big Three Results

Street Fighter III Third Strike Grand Finals-Marcus vs. Ic3y Ac3

MvC2 Results

Capcom vs. SNK 2 Results (Event switched to Round Robin)
1st-doujinshi_2001 (A-Sakura, Bison, Blanka/A- E. Honda, Bison, Blanka)
2nd-Wilmy (A-Bison, Sakura, Ken/ C-Chun Li, Ken, Ryu/ A-Vega, Sakura, Ken)
3rd-Kastro 305 (P-Blanka, Bison, Terry/ P-Guile, Blanka, Zangief/ P-Zangief, Chun Li, Terry/ P-Chun Li, Terry, Blanka)
4th-Rick F’n Stalvey (A-Nakoruru, Sakura, Cammy/A-Nakoruru, Sakura, Mai/A-Geese, Cammy, Sakura)

Street Fighter III Third Strike Results
1st-Ic3y Ac3 (Yun, Sean, Chun Li)
2nd-Marcus (Makoto, Ryu, Urien)
3rd-CEO of Darkness (Hugo, Alex, Q)
4th-Ultimate Hustla (Ken, Makoto)

It was a fun tournament! Hope to see you guys in next month’s tournament. And a little reminder that the Vortex No Jutsu Tournament III is this Saturday and the lineups are Soul Calibur III, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 and Melty Blood ReAct, Final Tuned.

Kastro-You left your Dreamcast memory card and CvS2 here.
Ultimate Hustla-You forgot your sunglasses again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Man 3S is Such a Bad game!


WTF please don’t tell me that marcus is the same one that was with kastro before. damn calm wth happen. how the hell that scrub get to 2nd…

Third Strike and Makoto Happened! :tup:

I Got Raped By Random 3S Shit Again :annoy: Therefor I am picking up Slash :rock:

NO He is the one who was at the orlando tourny his name is ness…

what happened is that i was playing on pad because my stick broke.

and i had ken vs makoto in the last and instead of doing wake srk i did nothing and fell for the oldest makoto kara trap. You will see the vid. I was so mad. Shit was fun though none-the-less. He actuall did pretty good but ice picked sean and that upset me to no end. I am raping at the next one watch.