Vortex Better Than Sex Tournament Results!

What an amazing debut tournament for Vortex CyberCafe! CEO of Darkness set the standards in Naruto GNT! 3 and won the first Vortex: BTS Tournament. Also in Soul Calibur III, kAb said that he’ll come down to WPB, participate and win and he did just that. The Grand Finals of kAb vs. Yumei was too good. There was a lot of new people I haven’t seen that are very cool and stuff and I hope to see them in the future Vortex Better Than Sex tournaments.

Naruto GNT! 3
1st-CEO of Darkness (Due to forfeit) (Kakashi and Kiba)
2nd-Yumei (Haku and Zabuza)
3rd-InsaneJokr9 (Sasuke, Itachi, Orochimaru and Naruto)
4th-Mr. Brightside (Gai, Naruto, Orochimaru, Ino)

Soul Calibur III
1st-kAb (Lizardman and Sophitia)
2nd-Yumei (Taki)
3rd-AlottaBeast (Cervantes)
4th-Jason Feldman (Maxi)