Vortex: Better Than Sex Tournament V Results!

SSBM Tournament Results
1st-NPBMike (Peach)
2nd-SynikaL (Marth and Falcon)
3rd-N2K6 (Jigglypuff)
4th-DooDah (Pikachu, DK, IC, Fox)

NGNT!4 Tournament Results
1st-SS4 Fat Buu (Kimimaro, Gaara)
2nd-Mystic (Kimimaro, Itachi)
3rd-projekt84 (OTKN, Itachi, Naruto)
4th-Sasuke (CS2 Sasuke)


Grand Finals match-Mystic vs. SS4 Fat Buu

CvS2 Tournament Results
1st-Bwootleg NMB
2nd-Ultimate Hustla

SF3:TS Tournament Results
1st-Ic3y Ac3 (Chun Li, Ken, Yun)
2nd-CEO of Darkness (Alex, Hugo)
3rd-Troyboy (Urien, Ken)
4th-Ultimate Hustla (Makoto)


Grand Finals match-CEO of Darkness vs. Ic3y Ac3

Soul Calibur III Tournament Results
1st-CEO of Darkness (Nightmare)
2nd-Ichigo (Xianghua)
3rd-AlottaBeast (Cervantes)
3rd-Midas (Sophitia)

We had 53 people attended for this event which easily topped any other tournaments hosted in the Vortex Cybercafe. We had 4 NGNT!4 players from Boston, MA and 1 SC3 player from Chicago, IL participated in the VBTS5. I like to thank everybody who came to this event and Ranking points and videos will be up soon! (Pictures are already up) Thank you Ultimate Hustla for helping me out with hosting the Third Strike and CvS2 tournament.

you guys lucky i didnt come to the cvs2 tourney, too busy trying to rep fl at texas showdown