Vortex No Jutsu Tournament 4 Results!

Soul Calibur III Tournament (16 participants)
1st- kAb (Lizardman)
2nd- Ichigo (Strife, Xianghua)
3rd- Kenshin (Mitsurugi)
4th- AlottaBeast (Cervantes)


SC3 Tournament Grand Finals match-kAb vs. Ichigo

For the past 2-3 months, the Soul Calibur III tournaments became nothing but a filler tournament until VnJ4. A couple of people from New York and one person from Chicago participated in this event! Congratulations to kAb on his 2nd SC3 tournament win in a row!

Guilty Gear XX Slash (17 participants)
1st- Troyboy (Ky Kiske, Sol Badguy)
2nd- Hotnix (Anji, Faust)
3rd- Pinion (Order Sol)
4th- Rock Bottom (Johnny, Faust, Ky Kiske, Potemkin)


GGXXS Tournament Grand Finals match-Troyboy vs. Hotnix

GGXXS tournament debuts for the first time in Vortex and it was a stellar tournament! Unfortunately a few people couldn’t make it due to transportation problems and some participated in the Serious Ohio tournament. Possibly next month will be bigger than this one!

Before the tournament, Troyboy was talking trash saying that he’ll take this tournament and he did just that! The question is that will we hear the end of it? Congratulations to Troyboy on his tournament victory and becoming the first person to win the GGXXS tournament in Vortex!

Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 Tournament (22 participants)
1st- Mystic (Kimimaro, Orochimaru, Itachi)
2nd- projekt84 (Temari, Neji, Kidoumaru and OTKN)
3rd- Akumu (Kisame and Rock Lee)
4th- Seishin (Itachi)


NGNT!4 Tournament Grand Finals match-Mystic vs. projekt84

-=Grand Finals match-Mystic vs. projekt84 II=-
This is the 2nd confrontation between these 2 great players. Some critics were talking badly about how Mystic and projekt84 played since both were playing casually in last month’s Grand Finals. That match reminded some people how the Soul Calibur II Finals played in Evolution. This match is definitely a must see and congratulations to Mystic on his first tournament win in Vortex!

-=Passing the Torch=-
A lot of new matchups happened especially during the beginning of the tournament! The most common ones were the “New School vs. Old School” matches.

-The WiLL vs. projekt84 (1st Quarter Finals)-Who doesn’t want to see a match between a veteran who has played the game longer than anybody in the current FL NGNT! roster vs. a rising star who became number 1 in the FL roster quicker than anybody? To follow the theme of Old School vs. New School, The WiLL played Haku and Zabuza and projekt84 played Temari. This match should actually be called “Gone with the Wind” because projekt84 swept WiLL and advanced the next round!

-Ghostdog vs. Icekid (Preliminaries)-Ghostdog was the first person to win the NGNT!4 tournament in Vortex and his first match from his absence was against Icekid. Icekid started playing this game in less than 2 months and pulled the biggest upset in WiLLvolution history! “Ghostdog Killa” Icekid finished below mid in this tournament but a win against Ghostdog will foreshadow his continuing success in his NGNT!4 career.

-Seishin vs. Mystic (1st Quarter Finals)- The undefeated Seishin has told Mystic in the forums that he’s going to teach a few things with Itachi. Some have called Mystic a “Seishin wannabe.” Despite with all the drama building up this match, this matchup happened from the getgo! There was even an Itachi vs. Itachi mirror match! Not to unfold any more information about this match, Mystic was the first person to defeat Seishin!

-=Notable players=-
-kAb-kAb promised everybody that he will be playing a new character in this tournament which is Gaara! He finished uppermid in the tournament and continues to become successful in NGNT!4.

-Akumu-He used to go under the name of Gabriel in previous Vortex tournaments but this Orlando representative made a name for himself in this tournament! New Orlando players seem to be on the rise and rumor has it that more new Orlando players will participate in next month’s tournament.

-=The Future=-
I have to say that it’s awesome hosting these tournaments for my community and it’s great to hear others are following suit. Seishin was telling me that he’s going to host some tournaments in Orlando and Ic3y Ac3 is going to do the same in Miami. I tell you guys from my experience that it’s a pain hosting a tournament and participating at the same time, but in the end it’s a lot of fun. This summer I’m going to be traveling a few places such as Anime Expo at Anaheim, CA, a few anime conventions and tournaments in Florida. I’m not going to host a bunch of tournaments this summer but only particular ones.

Speaking of tournaments, the June tournament lineup will be different than usual. June 17th will be the ANBUversary tournament and June 18th will be Vortex No Jutsu Tournament 5. Not to confuse anybody, ANBUversary tournament will be an all NGNT!4 event and VnJ Tournament 5 will be Guilty Gear XX Slash and Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament. The events that the ANBUversary Tournament will have are the Underappreciation tournament, regular double elimination tournament and the 8 man Florida Hokage Championship double elimination tournament. I haven’t update the main page but I already inputted the points to see who’s the current top 8. Here’s the showing of the Top 15 as of today.

1st-projekt84-5267 Pts
2nd- Mystic-5120 Pts
3rd- SS4 Fat Buu-3767 Pts
4th- Ghostdog-3570 Pts
5th- Mr. Brightside-3512 Pts
6th- Seishin-3150 Pts
7th- Flocker-2871 Pts
8th- LordRabies-1997 Pts
9th- The WiLL-1970 Pts
10th- InsaneJokr9-1964 Pts
11th- Rieshu-1747 Pts
12th- Darkhonor90-1634 Pts
13th- Akumu-1317 Pts
14th- Sasuke-1014 Pts
15th- MiltonEMCDT-892 Pts

Here’s the 8-man double elimination tournament lineup to determine our first Florida Hokage Champion.

projekt84 vs. GhostDog
SS4 Fat Buu vs. Mr. Brightside
Mystic vs. Flocker
Seishin vs. LordRabies

More information will be posted for the next month’s tournament as soon as possible. Thank you for everybody that came to this tournament and see you guys next month.

Lost and Found item list
-Sunglasses and 5 bucks-Ultimate Hustla
-DC 4x VMU and CvS2 (DC)-Kastro 305
-Slate Gray PS2 controller-Chris P.
-SSBM-Unclaimed (Found 05.27.06)
-Black GCN controller-Unclaimed (Found 05.27.06)

Also, check out the pictures from this tournament as well! http://www.willvolution.com/photos/thumbnails.php?album=26

I’m good I know!

Props to Hotnix for haveing such a Sick Faust.

Also Mad Props to my Boy Silvergear A.K.A. Pinion A.K.A. Nathan for getting 3rd with Order Sol!

Jose good Job gettin 4th especially since you haven’t played in forever.

AlottaBeast Nice shit with Biaken bro.

Once again thanks for the tournament Will. I had a great time and really appreciate you holding my matches while I waited for a stick.

Props to Troy for taking 1st. Good shit man.

Hope to get some more practice in before the next tournament. If so you can expect to see more of the HOS.