VO's work in www.go-gaia.com


I just found out that VO from www.go-gaia.com is Long Vo that works with the SFII comic lol. I just noticed that VO illustrated a “Gambino Photo” there, and dang if it didn’t look like Long Vo’s work. Then, I found this blurb from Udon’s site -

"February 19: Udon’s Studio XD Division Launches Go-Gaia.com
Udon Entertainment is happy to announce the launch of Go-Gaia.com by Long Vo, Saka, L0cke and Charles Park. GAIA Online is the Newest Community-based Anime and Videogame Resource Site on the web. It has a huge archive of anime and videogame related links, forums and chat rooms, interactive art arena and customized personal avatar for use all throughout the site! "

So I guess that clinches it. Also, Gaia had a nice advert in SF#1 so go figure. It’s not a bad interactive site, tho it appears to be down atm. Ah well, some growing pains with the Alpha stage I guess!


Thanks for that bit of info Jahnli! I might go and check that out…



…well…they’re forgiven because they had good intentions.


Studio XD is responsible for Gaia.

Studio XD has bounced around from diffrient publishers, their only original comics I know of are Echo and Last Shot, both of which are drawn by Vo.

Also Vo has been around quite awhile, here’s his site



Ive been a fan of his since around 98’, but be sure to check out his Final Fantasy VII and SNK Vs Capcom artwork (they’re probaly the best pieces of stuff on his site)


Just to let you know, the Gaia site is up and running now. Hmm they even have a Udon-exclusive forum in there, very nice~


The site goes down every once and awhile due to them working on it, and there was even one point where Gaia’s bandwich got all used up, and the site was down for like a month.

LoCKe, who works for Studio XD, was the one who told me about the site around the time it launched, and he’s also the one that did most of the art you see on the site.


Long Vo…Isn’t he the artist that did the #1 2nd printing cover along with Saka for the Udon series?




LOL Andrew Hou just entered the fanart contest in Gaia - um, can you say that no one else has a chance now? This month’s theme is Street Fighter and he entered this pic -



WOAH! That picture is awesome!
Andrew Hau, maybe me but the name seems to ring a bell…maybe…


That picture isn’t historically accurate. He’s got modern Chun Li up against Waffle House Bison. She should be fighting Weight Watchers Bison. : )