Vote - Evo World Marvel Commentary

At Evo East, we were graced by two the most gdlk commentators I’ve ever heard in not just Marvel, but in any competitive event in recent memory from Mr. William the Great and Law the Eliminator.

“Oh no!!! Oh no!!! Nope, not this time. We don’t let you get those. Gimme my money.”

“Justin Wong, may I direct your attention to the start pad.”

Now I want to take that format and improve it, to make this Evo World Marvel Finals the best ever.

Please vote, and give SRK some feedback.


Just kidden.

Law + Bill NBA/NFL/Figureskating style.

Commentary between matches at char select also.

B: Lawerence where do you think Justin went wrong there?
L: Well bill, honestly, I think JZ’s just got into his head. Wazzler’s got a vicious uphill battle if he wants this 10k.
B: Oh here we go. Justin’s subbing out Cable and brining in Sentinel AND Capcom. Good shit. Let’s go. HOLD THAT SHIT Justin!!!


Dog Face aka Vic or Justin Wong while he plays

i vote me, bill, potter, nam and justin (blazinflo) to commentate all of fanatiq’s matches

you need to give lawrence that 80% Rum 20% Orange Juice concoction to get his commentary gdlk… fool was drinking that shit more than i was.

someone drank more than NAM???


Bryheem if he doesnt lose his voice in the first day like at evo east… that man is too f’n funny

i want bill for every game but 3s i’ve been saying this for months

i think i could do smash pretty well

I dunno. He was outdrank by justin (w). Kind of lost all my respect for nam’s drinking game at that point.

Bill/Law sounds like a good combo. Please don’t let Danny S. by any type of microphone. :slight_smile:

I cant deny this… JustinW drinks as much as he is homo with Bill.

its okay. You had a good run. You’re still…good. NOPE.

remember at one of my parties when you passed out and some girl shitted on your shirt?

that got me hard.

Can’t say that I remember that. I’m sure everyone on irc can remind me about it though. =]


is digusting

u fallin off nam.

i miss you ho

Don’t judge the way I LIVEEEEEEE