Vote Feng!

Please vote Feng next round.

The link above provides info about what she’d play like.

Also, a vote for Feng is a vote for canon yuri.

Vote Feng!

  1. Has the yuri thing even been confirmed?
  2. I wonder if mentioning yuri will help her get more or less votes…
  3. Depends how many votes I get. Black Dahlia’s my first choice.

Ahad said on salty cupcakes once that the yuri situation is canon but will never be acknowledged in the game. Also no. Scythana comes first.

Too many threads


Yes. Also, awesome mix-ups, homing cancels and flying trickery. + 2 cute birds.

Does anyone actually know if those are birds she uses? Or are they just magical hair ornaments?

the former is true

Supposedly, those birds are her core mechanic. The ones on her head.

Feng is my second choice. I was pretty surprised and disappointed she didn’t even make it into top 8.

I thought she would have went pretty far.

That’s not what I was asking. I was asking if the birds are actual living animals.

I heard that they were spirits or ghosts.


I heard they were spirits, since they’re originally salamanders which are fire spirits.

That is some serious Feng love, but I’ve noticed one thing: there’s no actual Feng!

poor adam, even when crossplayed, he’s still boring.

I’d totally vote Feng if she was the trap.

LOL, I guess we’ll never know. For all we know, the trap might be Adam.

Where did you get this picture?