Vote for 3s to be on evo again!

go go go go

DO ITTTttt :nunchuck:

voted! thanks

Evo is really wack these days. They would probably just put 3s finals at 7am again. I vote for cvs.

Regardless of whether 3S gets in the lineup or not, there -will-, and I repeat, -will- be a 3S tourney at EVO. Scott from AI and I were talking about it earlier tonight. Luka and I talked about it at this past EVO.

Oh, but I voted anyway. Long live 3S.

I did it!

There’s no need to. If they don’t want it they don’t want it. Alot of players wanted GG one year and they still didn’t have it. It’s side tourney status now. It’s a great game but alot of people don’t recognize greatness.

For what its worth I voted but it seems like Melty Blood might just win this one.

i blame sf4

long live 3s!


The only reason why 3s ever became successful at Evo is because Daigo had to go and make one of the greatest comebacks in fighting game history. Aside from that, 3s has never been compatible with this tournament series.

I don’t want any of those other pieces of shit to be in the lineup, but I certainly don’t want to see another year of an incredibly half-assed 3s tourney. Fuck Evo, we don’t need it. We never have. True 3s tournaments always have and always will be at the arcade.

WILLvolution 2010!~

Seriously, this should be emphasized more. Playing 3s scrunched up in front of a shitty small CRT TV is not how 3s was meant to be played.

i think 3s is a fun game to play :smiley:

As long as they have Rockefeller commentating and no one else.

This. Why settle for playing on PS2 while using a home stick when you can play in a stadium with fire down the path to the stage that SHOOTS SMOKE when you win?

That’s not the point, you should vote on 3S to show support.


Let me get up on my soapbox for a little bit…

Despite not really planning to go to Evo this year, and 3s not having a great chance in the poll, I was originally going to vote 3s, to show my support. I’ve changed my mind though. I think another year of Evo 3s will harm the 3s community. Maybe the sole reason is console, but the results always turn out a bit strange, and the finals certainly aren’t entertaining to the Evo spectator. Furthermore, I can’t help but feel that Evo staff reluctantly included 3s. Single game format, and 9 AM finals hinted at this to me. I don’t blame anyone for reluctantly including a game, because I’m sure most tournament organizers run games they are not fond of, but if 3s isn’t wanted, it will be played on console, and nobody will enjoy the finals, I don’t see the benefit of it being at Evo for 3s players, other than keeping the name out there.

So that brings me to my next point. We don’t need Evo for keep the 3s name out there. If you’re serious about keeping 3s alive, you need to do something much more proactive than hoping to play it at Evo. You might think, hey, thats easy for you to say since you play at Denjin, but tell that to TheShend or Buriki One, who do great things for the 3s community, and TheShend lives in Europe!

The upcoming Denjin tournament, Sunroute Cup, can be thought of as a response to Evo dropping 3s, so I would hope people who can come to Evo would be able to come to that instead (although I understand its much shorter notice than Evo). I think we can do without Evo, and we can run our own tournaments and events. To me, good riddance to Evo. I voted cvs2.