Vote for 3s to be on evo again!

well, I’ve got a little community now that plays 3s on arcade, but it wasn’t my doing. I never actually play 3s on ps2 unless its training mode, but for some reason it always felt wonky to me. I’m getting some ggpo people to come to it as well. As long as this arcade is around then there’s no point for me to play games I don’t like.

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My opinion with EVO is that its an insult to hardcore 3s players because most people who will enter who are big names will do it for money, and will all be out of practice, and there will be some sloppy play from top players. EVO also doesn’t have a good format for the game as well so its hard to be excited when you have a top 8 which is a snorefest for most of the audience.

Plus from what I can tell the denjin regulars don’t even attend EVO cuz it’s run on console. So, how can we hope for 3s to be exciting if the best players, and only people who take it seriously won’t show up? I think that’s really important.

I will never attend SBO cuz I started this game in march of 2009, but I still appreciate SBO over EVO.


And this.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. 3s does not need EVO. Although the 3s scene in Hawaii is nonexistent, there are a small number of local 3s players I have encountered on ggpo. Maybe through some miracle the only 3s cabinet I know of in Oahu will get some repairs or replacing and become payable again. In the meantime, I’ll play my ggpo and offline as much as I can to keep improving. I started 3s in Feb 09. Also, that Sunroute Cup looks hype! Go hard and I hope to see videos of this tourny when everything goes down.

I voted CvS2.

Yes, pherai and Lane have shown me the light. I can see why some players don’t want 3S at EVO.

didn’t know you just been playing a year, savaii, I hope you keep with it because you are an incredible player. Hope to play you later in GGPO and go against your beastly Alex again.

How about not turning this into internet babyfighting? Voting in the poll and going to denjin or whatever else are not mutually exclusive.

hah, 3S would’ve made it if it wasn’t for some retards who pulled shady shit in the voting and basically disqualified it. cut over a hundred votes and it would still be in second place. shruuug

also it’s a “category b” game at sbo, which means it probably isn’t going to have as much coverage or footage. sbo in general is apparently going to be more compact this year.

has that noob pherai posted in this thread yet

(cheap shot!)


I didn’t know it was like that C Royd. Go to Japan this year! Or come visit cali :lovin:

ALL THIS and a bag of chips

im going to Sunroute Cup simply because i feel its the perfect replacement for Evo 3s, its on arcade, MOV and momochi are going, the 3s lvl is high and there are ppl who RLY appreciate the game for what it is and what it went through all these years

Its stupid that Evo got most of its attention from the “Evo moment #37” with Daigo making the comeback, amazingly, in 3s and now ppl are dismissing it like it was nothing and insulting the players who have respect for the game by making the finals at 9 in the morning -___- (also being the reason why its a snorefest)

just like pherai said GOOD RIDDANCE, we dont need Evo to help our community so fuck that and as long as the game is at SBO (funny they even brought in ST instead of the “new” games that came out) we can all live in peace and not have to worry about the game being insulted and disgraced on the big screen at Evo at 9 a.m

See you all at Sunroute Cup!! :tup:

sunroute is going to be 2 sick, man up and buy your plane tickets.

Its times like this, when I would trade places with someone in Cali for a day.

pherai, you are a skub…bit

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i went to this gay sf4 weekly gathering here in dallas this past weekend. it was hilarious, people were calling me OG for playing 3rd strike and i overheard people saying how they wish they could play it… bunch of ****.

thought it was a funny story id share.

3s doesnt need evo.

ST in japan has x mania/gian recital (equivalent of coop cup). its dope that tougeki has 3s every year, but even without it, 3s would do fine in japan. america will be the same without evo :)’

(since when does srk have filters on bad language?!)

why dont we have our own 3s forum aside from srk?

They have kept 3s in svb 20-X line up. Come to the UK in August!!:woot:

That’s an interesting thought. Tekken has Tekken Zaibatsu, GG has Dustloop, Smash has smash boards, MB has Melty Bread…who’s gonna start up a Third Strike forum? I for one, would definitely join :bgrin:

Evo is gay. Who would go if it wasn’t in Vegas?!

Forget Evo, EVERYONE go to the Sunroute tourney at Denjin. If you don’t go you’ll just feel deep regret.

And JD, the jab short strong combo in your avatar shows Yun doing close strong which is impossible.


Also: I wish i could attend Denjin. Too bad there are no arcades, and of course no Denjin in stupid Germany.

I tried doing one just now that you said. Its really hard. I will slowly work on it and see what I can do.

Yah, a seperate forum would be a good new beginning. Especially since SFIV has/will continue to take over a new forum would be nice to get all my third strike news, videos, and etc.

I think ultimately what matters is that people need to remember that as long as people are playing the game it doesn’t have to “die.” The defeatist attitude others have is why their scene is stale. This is why all the games in that poll lost to third strike besides melty blood. They don’t have that same dedication and passion.

I know this is pretty much preaching to the choir, lmao.

what? are you saying 3S got second in the EVO poll? that’s awesome! do you have a link? would love to see the entire results.

edit: NM just saw it in the poll results in the EVO thread

its is so cool 3S got so many votes, yet so lame MVC2 gets in instead of 3S. what kind of garbage is that???