vote for Cvs3


I posted this in the Ultra SF forums because I figured it would be more active, but vote to make CvS3 a reality. Vote here or there.


I don’t know why you think a post like this on SRK would make CvS3 a reality. Don’t think that you’re the first person to ever post something like this. Hell, we can’t even get a current gen version of CvS2 that doesn’t suck balls.


maybe because almost nobody plays cvs2 anymore, sticking with the current gen games, so capcom won’t know that there is a demand for CvS3.

Probably because moderators keep moving forum topics like this to a dead forum. instead of acknowledging that Cvs3 is probably closer to Usf4 (current gen game to current gen game) in other words the audience is the same.

However, if a new game hit the streets, CvS3 would have a huge following if done right.

I’m merely compiling data to send to capcom so they can make an informed decision on the demand for this title. You as a moderator can either hurt the cause or help it.


Again, CvS3 has nothing to do Ultra (These are two different games). Also, what are you going to use as data? The total views this discussion gets or the replies? Doesn’t matter which one you use cause it ain’t going to make Capcom and SNKP do anything (not trying to kill your dream, but it’s the truth).

I agree with Trouble, posting on SRK will get you nothing. Hell, maybe you will get something posting this in Capcom-Unity (but that’s just wishful thinking).


Did you follow the development and release of Ultra at all? What makes you think compiling and sending data to Capcom is at all a viable strategy?

Furthermore, CvS3 is a much bigger financial risk for Capcom than a new Darkstalkers, and they dropped that. Why would they go licensing IPs when they’re in the middle of financial trouble?

Look, don’t get me wrong. I respect your zeal. I just don’t think you have a realistic plan at all.


I think this raises an interesting point. How did SF4 get made? Because a shitty port of SF2:HF sold more than Capcom expected.

If you want another CvS, you and your friends should be buying the psn version of CvS2. That it’s totally a playable port when you disable graphic enhancements (especially if you stick to roll grooves) is a bonus.


I honestly think you have a better chance of getting another port of CvS2 with online capabilities than to get CvS3.


I would love to see a cvs 3. But before that happens, I think we need a cvs 2 online edition in hd.


why would you want CvS3 after seeing what capcom has done to Street Fighter and MvC?


People don’t care whether it’s good or bad, they just want a CvS3.


Yeah they wont make money… So yeah.


make cvs3 little less shitty than sf4 and I am down for the count!

too bad its never happening. I will take cvs2 online tho. maybe a “rebalanced” version with damage and various other tweaks. so untouched original version and a “fix” version. then again this has been been discussed so many times. if capcom were to do it they would have by now…


no its not. there is noticeable input lag lol…


I stand by what I said. Did you play on CRT, with graphic enhancements off? If not, then you’re doing it wrong.

Even if you do the things I said, there is input lag compared to the DC/PS2 ports. But the game is still playable.

Of course, if you have access to the older better ports and sticks for those consoles, play on those. But that’s not a viable solution for 09ers who want to just see what the game is about. For those people, the psn port is a cheap, easy option that lets them use their sticks and try the game out.


I agree, however the timing differences for certain players can be an overwhelming adjustment :frowning:

I can personally speak from my own experience on that, along with other guys who visited some of my CvS2 sessions back at MGL. He was telling me he was frustrated because he was used to the slight input delay on the PSN version, which ultimately crippled him at first to adjust to the original PS2 version.

I still think the standard for any serious player is to get the PS2 and original copy of the game. Or, buy a PS2 and mod it and just burn an ISO disk.


Cvs3 is just not going to happen. Right now it looks like SNK Playmore is practically retired of video games, and Capcom’s not taking any more risks. If we take in count the deal usually includes both companies must do their version of the game to promote each other, doesn’t seem likely anytime soon.

Last time they did with Street Fighter x Tekken, in part because of the fg craze spinning off from SFIV, and we all know how that turned to be, Namco doesn’t even want to make Tekken x Street Fighter because they don’t think it would be a success.

I think the only way CvS3 could happen would involve some companies buying others until they’re strong enough to do a crossover in conditions.


To be honest i’d rather have a online re-release of CVS2 instead, can anyone assume whats taking them so long. Does capcom and snk have to come together in an agreement for something to happen

#18 Why does this exist and why’s it not out yet?


It is out… in China (not a KoF game by the way; it’s called Xundou Zhiwang)