Vote for EVO 2k4 Announcer


i was told by a few peeps to make a thread for this shit. I dont care who wins but u guys vote for your announcer.


It would be a travesty if Justus didn’t win!


Justus. Sieg Heil.


micheal farkin buffer.

But if you cant , then probably valle and choi as dual announcers.



My nigga JaHa because this foo won’t fuck around when it’s time to DQ anyone for holding up the tournament, plus he’ll make fun of people and talk shit =D


i vote for TOM


I pray to the HEAVENS that this was only a joke.


I vote for Hulk Hogan… “INO Broootthher you got 5 seconds to come back to the ring or your disqualified”



Anybody who’s heard this guy scream at matches in real life knows he’s gold


I nominate triggidy tragic.





I voted for Chun Li’s Pimp…gracius domina.


That avatar is too good.



yah my bad i forgot to throw tragic in there, so whats that like 3 votes for him?


Haha, thx man >=) I saw you playing Alpha 3 at NCR2, your V-Rose is dope. I play V-Rose too, but no one else really plays A3 around here, so I hella suck with her.


Oh thanks. Yeah, I suck for much the same reason, but I remember random combos (which I will later mess up). We can play some A3 at Evo hopefully.


I vote Apoc, especially for the SSBM matches.




i vote for ben :slight_smile: