Vote for JiBbo to play the worst character (Blanka X Hugo)


The reason Sagat was on my team to begin with was because a good friend of my perceived him to be terrible. I’d like to think I’ve done him great justice and now I’m willing to move on and take apart other characters and team compositions just the same.<br>
Please briefly comment on who you think is the worst character and why. At the end of this week I will tally up and decide which characters to play. The following week I will be posting videos on my youtube channel of strategies and technology that I find with the team of my choosing. When I arrive back in the states I’ll bring the team out in my stream and possibly more.<br>
<br><p> My goal is to investigate the mentality of our community, further develop discussion of SFxT and more so to teach how to think outside the box.</p><p>Thank you for your cooperation!<br></p><p><br></p><p>Edit:  <strong>Hugo seems most wanted so far.  Blanka a close second.  Will it be Blanka/Hugo?  6 more days to voice your opinion!</strong></p><p><strong>Other mentions:<br></strong></p><p><strong> - Balrog</strong><strong><br></strong></p><p><strong> - Bison<br></strong></p><p><strong> - Ibuki<br></strong></p><p><strong> - Christie<br></strong></p><p><strong> - Bryan<br></strong></p><p><strong> - Cody<br></strong></p><p><strong> - Elena<br></strong></p><p><strong> - Lei<br></strong></p><p><strong> - Raven<br></strong></p><p><strong> - Cammy<br></strong></p><p><strong> - Paul<br></strong></p><p><strong> - Yoshimitsu<br></strong></p>


Let’s start with the obvious: Hugo.

edit: Reasons: his only footsie tool is massively unsafe now, increased super armor startup, damage nerfed to the extent of no longer being intimidating. He just doesn’t seem to have a purpose anymore, Marduk does everything much better.


Let’s start with an explanation :slight_smile:

What do YOU think is bad about Hugo?


I’d love to see what you can squeeze out of Bison. I feel as though he’s weak in this game because Capcom did very little to adjust his toolset for the SFxT engine; he has an extremely difficult time opening up an opponent with solid defense and now that boost chains such as st.MK>st.HK are even more unsafe on block, his opportunities to safely hit-confirm from mid-range are crippled. I mean, his role is obviously strictly as a safe point character, but I don’t see why anyone would choose him for that task when characters like Chun, Vega and Law exist. He just feels impotent and boring in the SFxT engine, but if anyone can prove me wrong I’m sure it’s you.

Oh and I’d love to see you pair him with Hugo as an anchor. I’m pretty convinced that he’s likely the worst character in the entire roster, but again, I look forward to you proving me wrong.


Thanks! Bison/Hugo doesn’t sound like a bad team at all. I like the sound of it :tup:


I think Hugo is the worst character because:
-Without meter he can be pressured both by throws and meaties for free on wake up
-Slow walk speed
-Bad footsie normals to get a combo (He can get single hits in, but no way to convert to a combo safely)
-Hard time dealing with fireballs now that recoverable life is not regained as easily, so he can’t use his lariat charge that much
-Needs meter to reliably anti air on reaction
-Harder time jumping on opponents because splash was massively nerfed and a lot of teh cast got better anti airs
-Big body, so he can be pressured with stuff like Ogre’s hunting hawk that can’t be crouched by Hugo, and he gets hit by very ambiguous jump ins because of his size
-His command grabs have long start up and bad range

He has some positive sides still, but I was going to mention why I think he is bad.

I would also like to challenge you in to tapping Lei’s potential. I don’t necessarily think Lei is that bad, but mastering the use of stances should be key in tapping the real potential that Lei has, and I feel even the best Lei players today, has a long way to go.


I’d really like to see what you can do with Balrog. All of his moves are unsafe except the lk version of dash upper, which misses on crouching anyway! He also lacks a cross over…


Balrog seems to suck when it comes to synergy. Perhaps you could begin with him partnered with anyone.


I vote Blanka for very obvious reasons. Who else in the game is as close to being this bad?

  • no reliable standing AAs
  • average normal damage and weak priority for a “footsie” character
  • pathetic meterless damage
  • EX ball so slow to the point of it being nearly unusable for punishing projectiles
  • Cannot link’s like in SFIV - has to use the unplinkable cr.lp’s and even then the damage is usually not worth it
  • Electricity hit-box is much than his SFIV version - cannot easily apply walking electricity pressure (not to mention that walking electricity is harder cos of boost combos)


Show Mike Ross how Bryan should be played.

Hugo or Ibuki because they are “dead characters”.

And I’ll mention Elena since I rarely see high level Elena players. I’d like to see how silly she really can be.


These are great responses so far. Thanks! Seems like Hugo is very likely to be on the team. I’ve been running Poison/Hugo as of late so I would already have a head start with Hugo tech, not to mention I mained him in 3rd strike. The characters I choose all depends on discussion and demand.

Keep 'em comin! :slight_smile:


Cammy. Imo held back by boost shackles and really feel jab jab jab cross up jab throw is just a gimmick for her. I really think she has hidden potential but no one plays her beyond basic footsies into boost and jab jab jab gimmicks.


Without a doubt, Blanka.


Some combination of Paul, Blanka, and Yoshimitsu. I know Yoshi is good in pairs with certain characters but I still don’t think he’s good at all personally. Paul… shitty mobility, slow, etc etc. He’s like a worse heihachi. Blanka… just because OJ says Blanka sucks and I want to see if he’s right.


I can’t think of a worse team than Blanka/Hugo. Accidental boost chain when trying electricity traps is super exciting and fun!

–Jay Snyder


Pick Asuka. I don’t think she is the worst character, but she certainly isn’t one of the best either.

She had only one good normal to play Footsies: Hyakujitsuko, and it got nerfed, because now it’s -3 on block instead of -1. in 2013 they gave her one of the best anti airs, Dragon Wheel Kick, which helps a lot, but most of her normals are still too short and slow.

Comboing into super is so unreliable, you rarely get the full animation, although meterless damage is still pretty good.

You need to be a real psychic to mix up your oponent with her long strings that can be interrupted with CADC at various points, counters, command throws, normal throws etc without getting blown up.


Blanka is close to being really strong tbh. to blow up throw/crouch tech, It’s also 2 hits with decent advantage so you can confirm into boost and kill armor with it. I would kill to have these properties on Christie’s who looks similar but just isn’t half as good. is better than Blanka players think. It works on a lot of characters except like the Mishimas basically. Can combo with s.lp xx Ball on counter hit. And it has the advantage of being considered airborne, which means you don’t eat a full combo on trade or if you lose, you just get reset. As if Up Ball and Electricity weren’t enough for AA tools, he also has j.hp that bounds on counter hit but somehow people don’t see how that can be useful to control the air.

EX Ball to go through projectiles and wall bounce. This is also his charge move and it’s safe on block vs a lot of characters.

Coward Crouch has potential because it can be special cancelled. You can duck under Jack’s DP with it and even under Alisa’s boot move if I recall correctly.

Hops are still good for mixups. With throws being so scary and rolls being nerfed, this is good for Blanka.

Low Jump arc. Ambiguous cross-up.

The only thing he really lacks imo is a reliable meterless reversal. Right now he needs to spend 1 meter for either EX Electricity or EX Up Ball and I’m not even sure if those moves have good enough invincibility. being invincible to air attacks would’ve been nice too of course. Other than that, his damage is meh and he only has interesting combos in the corner which is kinda unfortunate. Not sure why they nerfed his Up Ball damage, it’s not like he was shelling out ridiculous damage in the first place.


I like to so see some Bryan play. After the 1.07 update he went from playable to straight to low tier and since 2013 his combo variety and pressure is quite boring and less effective after the further received nerfs he’s was given. I don’t think you can make the character work. He just gets bullied by the most of the cast. He was an interesting character that apparently was so much of a sleeper that they had to nerf to the ground.


Justin is running Elena/Alisa last time I checked. Also, ReNic has Elena in rotation with Hugo/Abel/King.

Hugo, Sagat, and Zangief are the characters I want to see prove everyone wrong in this update. Actually, I really would like everyone to have their time to shine. Your challenge is exciting and intrigueing. Show us what you can do!


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And I’ll mention Elena since I rarely see high level Elena players. I’d like to see how silly she really can be.</div>
Justin is running Elena/Alisa last time I checked. Also, ReNic has Elena in rotation with Hugo/Abel/King.<br>
Hugo, Sagat, and Zangief are the characters I want to see prove everyone wrong in this update. Actually, I really would like everyone to have their time to shine. Your challenge is exciting and intrigueing. Show us what you can do!</div>

Wow, I had no idea Justin played Elena. I guess I need to watch more videos lol. <br><br>Hugo/Bryan then.<br>