VOTE FOR RYU on GameFAQs *He's losing to Dante by 200 votes... WTF!?*


Basically we have a character battle its an annual thing on

Seeing this is making me vomit… so everyone pitch in and vote for Ryu, and spread the word to do the same. we can’t let the franchise character of Street Fighter lose to Dante… even if they are both Capcom Characters. :expressionless:

The poll ends at midnight. so help out PLEASE


Your passionate cry makes me…

…vote for Dante.


dude, dante would totally beat ryu in a fight

also why is this battle not double elimination or best of 3?


Sleazoid got it right. Dante would straight murder Ryu in a fight.

And I voted for Dante.


Dante isn’t cool. Ryu wins. Dante doesn’t have an SRK.


People still pay attention to those things? Doesn’t Cloud like win every year or something like that?


Seems like a win/win situation, as they’re both Capcom characters.


No, Link does… Cloud won the 2nd one in 2003. and L-Block… yes a Tetris Block won in 2007. other than that its always Link.


And the only reason L block won was because 4chan had something to do with it.
Why fucking bother?




Oh wow. 09 to the fullest. tisk tisk.




The only good thing about this thread is the fact the L-block won something.


^The only good thing in this thread is your av.


voting for dante because srk fdac ultra can shove it


Yes he does. In fact he has an SRK and a Shin SRK.


Oh god, I can already see fucken cloud is going to win the whole thing unless we got all of SRK to vote otherwise. He beat Ridley, I’m going to assume it’s the one from Metroid, and if that’s the case, all hope is lost. Incase you can’t tell, all the Final Fantasy characters have made it through obviously better opponents.


And he can parry.


he can do hadoken too


The Gamefaqs polling made me chuckle a bit.