Vote for SFxT to get dat pot bonus

Currently in 3rd place.

Top 3 games get the bonus.

Do it.

Only 127? Wth is this you lazy bums!

Well…it was in 3rd place.

Time to pack it up.

I’m starting to enjoy play SFxT again. Looks like SFxT has fallen behind.

looks at where sfxt is


No appreciation for quality games these days… TTT2 is in 2nd at least.

Do you play SFxT?

He doesn’t, but he takes every opportunity to provide backseat commentary on it. It’s fine, he does it to SFIV as well.

Voted for SFXT so I don’t feel the guilt of having my hand in its [so far] failure by not voting when I had the power to do so…

What the FREAKING HELL!?! Ok sure, Injustice looks like a game with a lot of promise but WTH!?! All this ridiculous support for a game that isn’t even half-decently balanced yet even after patch-after-patch. I’m in no way calling the game horrible from its base, but people need to stop going bananza over a game whose devs deserve a scolding until they get the balancing at least right to the point where there aren’t any brain-dead characters (cough Super/Derpman cough). Instead, people go apesh*t-crazy over its halfbaked-ness by supporting it whenever they get the freaking chance (just like some of the people who will take this post as an insult aimed towards the game as a whole when it really isn’t and will attempt to flame me).

Oh, and nice to see TTT2 at second place; I really felt the community [players, to be exact] didn’t give it the support it deserved at EVO this year. :slight_smile:

I wanted to, but couldn’t really figure a team to settle with and the players in my area don’t bother with it enough for me to care. It’s an alright game and at least has more variables to it than SFIV. Reminds me of like a newer Alpha 1 with less cheese I guess.

I like crazy games though so I’ll just be sticking with Marvel and Skullgirls until Killer Instinct is out.

This is just typical worrying about money that 1 to 3 people is going to be able to actually touch any way. Playing the game is most important. It’s not even like this is buying extra stream time for the game like Evo or nothing.

Well you should give it another try, the game has a lot of cheap stuff that you might like. Online is active and they’re well known players who go hard at SFxT.

It’s not that much about the money at least in my opinion. It would be a great way to show that people still care about SFxT. But apparently they are too lazy to make a twitter account.

I would try doing a giveaway and give like 3-5 supporters a DLC costume of their choice or something. But I don’t have the subscribers/followers to get anything going :blue:

Ed Boon told people to vote for Injustice on his twitter in exchange for him revealing a new character in Injustice (which he would have revealed anyways).
In other words, he bribed all his followers to vote Injustice, whether they even participate in the FGC or not.

Not sure that was the original spirit of the vote, but that happened.

If Ono had done that and promised to reveal some info on USF4, we could be up there, too.

Hell, he still can.

Tweet Ono-san, and encourage him to do so:

Already done.

Something tells me Ono gets a fuck ton of tweets though.

Someone should tweet him in Japanese if they can.

I can’t believe we losing to Soul Calibur.

We can’t end last (managed to tweet with a friends account)! I’d go nuts like the Crazy Rhubarb Lady if that would be the case!

xTK will never be seen in a positive light by the community. If anything it’ll be remembered like CvS2. People bitch and moan about it while it’s out, then praise it after the next wave of fighters hits.

That clever son-of-a-b*tch…

Thanks for the insight, BTW.

Fuckin’ Asshole Boon.

Just tweeted. I got myself a Twitter account even though I have no use for it so I participated anyway. Is this still on-going?